[Album Of The Week]

Cryptoriana - Cradle of Filth

September 24 2017

Album: Cryptoriana

Artist: Cradle Of Filth

Why we love it: Cradle Of Filth is back with a vengeance.

Clairvoyant - The Contortionist

September 17 2017

Album: Clairvoyant

Artist: The Contortionist

Why we love it: They've finally nailed the progressive sound that they've been working so hard to create.

Codex Omega - Septicflesh

September 10 2017

Album: Codex Omega

Artist: Septicflesh

Why we love it: A top 10 album of the year contender.

Self-Titled - Bench Press

August 27 2017

Album: Self-Titled

Artist: Bench Press

Why we love it: Post-punk with a garage rock vibe.

Dear Desolation - Thy Art Is Murder

August 20 2017

Album: Dear Desolation

Artist: Thy Art Is Murder

Why we love it: One of the most devastatingly intense death metal albums of the year (so far).

Dragged Through The Dirt - Justice For The Damned

August 13 2017

Album: Dragged Through The Dirt

Artist: Justice For The Damned

Why we love it: It's a short, concentrated burst of metal - no frills, catchy approach to songwriting.

Gravebloom - The Acacia Strain

July 09 2017

Album: Gravebloom

Artist: The Acacia Strain


Why we love it: It's definitely of their heaviest and tightest albums to date. Completely unforgiving.

Anticult - Decapitated

July 01 2017

Album: Anticult


Why we love it: The band is back and stronger than ever, delivering an album that just screams perfection.

Self-Titled - Dear Seattle

June 25 2017

Album: Self-Titled EP

Artist: Dear Seattle


Why we love it: A super strong EP, full of indie rock with heart.

Homey - CHON

June 18 2017

Album: Homey

Artist: CHON


Why we love it: It's a refreshing sound to suit any mood.

Wolves - Rise Against

June 11 2017

Album: Wolves

Artist: Rise Against

Why We Love It: Rise Against continue to grow and improve, finding the perfect mix between their old sound and new.

An EP Called Night - Society of Beggars

June 4 2017

Album: An EP Called Night

Artist: Society of Beggars


Why we love it: Bluesy, raw, gritty rock 'n' roll at its best.

Bad Habits - Bare Bones

May 21 2017

Album: Bad Habits

Artist: Bare Bones


Why we love it: Incredible debut album from these up and comers.

Forces Of The Northern Night - Dimmu Borgir

April 30 2017

Album: Forces of the Northern Night

Artist: Dimmu Borgir


Why we love it: Classic Dimmu Borgir showcasing their epic live performance, you can't go wrong.

Mesma - Deadlights

April 23 2017

Album: Mesma

Artist: Deadlights


Why we love it: An impressive debut album from this exciting young Aussie band.

Inviting Light - The Flatliners

April 9th, 2017

Album: Inviting Light

Artist: The Flatliners


Why we love it: It shows versatility from the punk rockers as well as a maturity in their sound. Solid album.

Emperor of Sand - Mastodon

April 2nd, 2017

Album: Emperor of Sand

Artist: Mastodon


Why we love it: Mastodon add another flawless album to their already impossibly great catalogue. This is a must listen.

Lower The Bar - Steel Panther

March 26, 2017

Album: Lower The Bar

Artist: Steel Panther

Why we love it: Sweet, sweet Steel Panther goodness. It's everything we wanted from this album and more.


The Great Collapse - Fit For An Autopsy

March 19, 2017

Album: The Great Collapse

Artist: Fit For An Autopsy

Why we love it: Not only is this album their heaviest yet, it's also their strongest and most passionate release to date. It will certainly be a driving force behind a new era of modern death metal.​


Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora - Darkest Hour

March 12, 2017

AlbumGodless Prophets & The Migrant Flora

Artist: Darkest Hour

Why we love it: This album sees metal band Darkest Hour back to their best, offering up their most impressive release since 2007's Deliver Us.

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