• Steve Jenkins

Storma from Whoretopsy: Final shows

Melbourne's most brutal band Whoretopsy are supporting The Black Dahlia Murder this May, alongside The Faceless, Putrid Pile and Unravel right across Australia. For 10 years now, vocalist of the band, Storma, has given us some of the most intense and absolutely inhuman, gutteral vocal performances displayed both within their EP/LP catalogue and live on stage. Now, at the end of his journey, he will be playing his last show at The Corner Hotel, which was the first venue he ever performed at for Slayfest. So go down and celebrate with Whoretopsy and friends and give Storma the epic send off that he deserves.

Learn the lyrics to 'Never Tear Us Apart' so you too can scream them in his face at one of his final shows. WARNING: These lyrics are very disturbing but they sure are entertaining.

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