• Nicole Roberts

Ghosts New Keyboardist Revealed?

Just one day after the live debut of the new Ghost backing band line up, the identity of their new keyboardist may already have been revealed as none other than Korn's Zac Baird.

Dropping not so subtle tweets over the last few days, Baird has certainly alluded to the fact that he's the newest member, tweeting about wearing costumes and first live shows the same night the costumed Ghost hit the stage with their new members. He also confirmed that he'll be playing with a new band in Buenos Aires in the near future, which certainly could mean he'll be there in May with the Grammy Award winning group, and that he was very recently in London, when Ghost kicked off their Popestar 2017 European tour in Norwich, England last night. Coincidence?

None of the real names of the band have ever been revealed, although there have been heavy rumours for some time now that frontman Papa Emeritus is actually Swedish rock musician Tobias Forge, who writes most of the bands music, and that the relatively new female bassist is in fact Megan Thomas of Led Zeppelin tribute band, Lez Zeppelin, who's red middle finger ring and x shaped tattoo on her left hand match up to that of the new Nameless Ghoul. There was also the recent video where the old Omega appears to have revealed himself, confirming that he had in fact left the band, as many fans had suspected, which you can watch here.

In the end, who knows if it's real or just a coincidence. Maybe he's just trolling and we all fell for it. Or maybe he didn't get the memo that his identity is meant to be secret.

Take a look at the incriminating tweets below and let us know what you think!

Check out the video for 'Square Hammer' below:

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