• Steve Jenkins

The Place I Feel Safest - Currents

Artist: Currents

Album: The Place I Feel Safest

Genre: Metalcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Progressive metalcore/djent band, Currents. hail from Connecticut and were formed in 2011. This is the their first full length album, and it's actually the very first release featuring vocalist Brian Wille who joined the band in 2015. With a stellar roster and some standout releases for 2017 already, Sharptone Records have given us another fantastic record with The Place I Feel Safest.

The first thing I noticed after listening to this album was the outstanding production, with each element and instrument coming across clear and strong. The drums are super crispy and powerful, with a hard hitting edge to them, the bass isn't too muddy or loud but still distinct enough to appreciate it, and the guitars shine bright with some stellar riffs being executed almost to perfection throughout the record. A massive breakdown that showcases all of the examples brilliantly can be heard on the track 'Delusion' as it has great rhythm and a ridiculously heavy sound. There are more than one of these moments which you'll appreciate.

The real highlight here is the instrumentation. I've always been a fan of technical and progressive metalcore, and this record provides that in abundance. There are signs of innovation within the genre in these tracks, and above all this record displays fantastic promise. This is best appreciated through a good pair of headphones and is rewarded equally by a decent sound system. There's clear passion and imagination oozing out of every corner of this album. The guitar work is exceptional, and I think this would stand up as an instrumental release just as much as it does with vocals.

With that being said, the vocal performance here is fantastic in it's own right. The screamed vocals are ferocious and passionate and the cleans are evocative and emotional. Brian Wille is a perfect fit and a stunning individual talent, his ability to mix up vocal styles from track to track keeps this a consistently interesting listen. His aggressive lyricism and conviction in what he's saying pilot the monolithic instrumentals and give this record a definitive direction.

This record is a fantastic listen if you're after a perfect blend of crushing breakdowns and technical riffs. Currents are one to watch, and another strong name in the already impressive lineup on Sharptone Records, a label slowly building up one of the best collections of new and established bands in the scene, such as Emmure, Imminence and Widowmaker. This is about as strong as a debut record can be, and it exhibits massive promise. Favourites here are 'Apnea', 'Delusion' and 'Silence'. Give this a listen, as it's an exciting album from an exciting band on an exciting label.

8.5 out of 10 stars.

The Place I Feel Safest is out now via Sharptone Records.

Check out the official music video for the track 'Apnea' below:

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