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Spotlight: Ill Natured

They're loud, they're aggressive, and they're in your face with their own particular style of hardcore - and we love it. With the raw talent to easily back up the hype that's surrounding them, they've been making their mark on the hardcore scene for some time. Now, with all members out of jail, new music, and a string of high profile shows on the very near horizon, if hardcore fans hadn't already heard the name and music of Ill Natured, they're sure as hell about to become familiar with it now. Read on to find out more about their upcoming LP, their recently released music, and their upcoming shows.

How would you describe Ill Natured to any new listeners?

An aggressive metallic hardcore band from Newcastle, Australia. Music for deros.

How’s the LP coming along? How’re you finding the process?

The LP has been all finished for about three months now. At the moment we’re just sorting out our plans as for what we want to do with releasing it. It will be out at some point before the end of the year. The process was a bit of a long and drawn out thing, with a lot of things not really going to plan, but in the end we’re happy with the result we got and it was worth all the setbacks along the way.

You recently released 2 new songs from the upcoming LP, how was the reception to those?

It was pretty good, we were happy with the response they got. The problem with it only being a two song tape release though is that it got a lot of attention initially, and then dropped off pretty quickly. But we’re keen to see how the songs start to resonate with people live now that they have heard them, and I think that will be a good indicator.

There was quite a gap between your last release and this one, was there anything in particular that prevented new music being recorded?

Nothing in particular. The release for our 7” was a bit all over the place and ended up being put online and had pre-orders available pretty much as soon as we got the masters back and it was finished, which was probably a few months before it should have gone online now in hindsight. We got the records in June 2015, so I guess you could say it was “officially” released then, but we’d already started writing new songs by then and had a few already done. We scaled back the amount of shows we were playing in 2016 so that we could focus on writing and recording the LP and getting that all finished, and we began recording it in September 2016. I guess it seems like a bit of time in between, but we had things happening the whole time, so it didn’t seem like that much of a gap to us.

How was your set at Damnation? Was there anything different about this year compared to the other years you played the show?

It was great; it’s always one of the best shows of the year for us. It was Ricky’s first show after getting released from jail, so it was good to have him back with us again. Nothing really different to previous years, except I guess that people fought during our set which funnily enough is the first time that’s ever happened.

Your tour with Reactions and Sleeptalk is kicking off soon, what are you most excited about with this tour?

We haven’t done a tour since we went to New Zealand in February 2016, so it’s been ages now for us. Personally I’m just looking forward to playing in a bunch of cities that we haven’t been to in a while and playing some new songs for everyone.

If you could choose any 4 bands to play a show with, past or present, who would they be and why?

Cro-Mags with both John and Harley, Pantera, Silverchair and Youth Of Today. Why? Because it’d be sick as hell, that’s why.

You can grab a copy of the The Hammer/Faced With Death tape now at Last Ride Records.

You can have a listen to it here as well.

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