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Interview: The Infinite

Western Australia is really delivering some excellent quality heavy music lately, and The Infinite are just the latest in a long list of top notch WA bands to capture our attention. An instrumental project consisting of talented guitarists Drew Shepherd and Bodine Wirihana, their music is heavy progressive, and polyrhythmic, with intriguing guitar riffs interwoven with technical passages, all tied together with catchy, melodic chorus' and guitar solos so captivating, they'll leave you wanting more. With the release of first single 'Autonomy' in May 2016, and the recent release of 'A View From Nowhere', the band are taking the progressive scene by storm. We had a chat with The Infinite below about how they came to join forces, their new music and the filming of their epic music video.

How’s everything going for you guys right now?

Going well. We just released the new single and grew from a 1 piece to a 2 piece so its been a busy year so far! Now we have 2 creative influences to come up with new material for an EP.

Bodine only recently joined The Infinite. What made the two of you decide to join creative forces?

Perth is a small place so when I heard of a guitar player writing crazy progressive riffs and ideas I had to find out who it was. Turns out Bodine was friends with the same group of guys I was friends with so it was inevitable that at some stage we would get together and write some music. Initially He was going to be a guest guitarist on the new single but we knew pretty quickly that we had all these ideas for new songs and one guest appearance was not going to be enough! We have similar tastes in music within the progressive genre of metal, also having an overflow of material that both of our other bands wouldn’t use or where we deemed not suitable for them. We both already have a tonne of idea’s that are not in use.

What are your main musical influences when writing The Infinite music?

I think our influences although from the same genre, vary quite a lot, and to me that’s a really good thing! For instance Bodine is a big Chon fan, me not so much but it means some of the ideas he will throw at me are nothing I’ve ever heard or would ever conceive myself. We both like heavy, progressive music that pushes some boundaries a little. Going over the top and adding a million notes is easy to do but we tend to scale it back a little to keep the listener interested.

You recently released the killer track ‘A View From Nowhere’, how has the response been?

Pretty positive for the most part. we’ve had some good feedback and support from all over which means a lot to us. We are a relatively new band and being instrumental it can be hard so we’ve been happy to get some attention from facebook pages and fans who like the song. The good thing is people who like instrumental music tend be very loyal fans who will really support you once they are a fan. We were played on triple j's The Racket which was pretty great too!

Along with the new track, fans were also treated to a guitar play through video. What was the filming of that video like?

A lot easier than what we both have experienced before! We’ve both worked with Joe Varley/DarkSpirit Photography extensively so that makes things a lot easier when it comes to expectations and ideas as were all generally on the same page, the hardest part this time was choosing a location on Swan River.

You have a fair few songs ready to go already, are there any plans for an EP or album in the near future?

We have plans for an EP which we are working on as we speak. Between us both we have quite a lot of material to use because I think we both are way too OCD and just cant stop writing new songs.

What’re your goals for the rest of the year and for 2018?

Writing for the rest of the year when we can both commit to it, we already spend an extended amount of time writing things outside of our current projects so it’s basically joining odd’s and end’s, we’ve also entertained the idea of a full line up but for now were just keeping it simple as a twp piece.

If you could choose any 4 bands to play a show with, who would they be?

Save Us From The Archon

Napoleon Polyphia Chon

Written by Nicole Roberts

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