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Spotlight: Slowly Slowly

Contrary to Melbourne quartet Slowly Slowly's name, the rock group have been quickly gaining momentum with their effortless, organic sound and relatable and emotive lyrical content. Their authentic DIY approach has endeared them to legions of fans, and with the release of their sophomore LP release on the horizon, they're about to earn a whole lot more. We had a chat to the band about songwriting, their upcoming sold out single launch (October 6th at Howler, Melbourne), and their tour with Something With Kate.

How did Slowly Slowly get started, and how did you all meet?

I (Ben) met Alex when I was in high school. Albert & Alex met on a weird night where they fought in a gutter (they love each other now though). Pat played in one of my favourite Melbourne bands called Anchors and that was how we got a hold of him. The band was started by Alex and I, solely as a recording project a few years ago in the front office of a label factory.

We heard that your newest track, ‘Aliens’, only took you 4 minutes to write. Is songwriting always that quick and effortless for you?

Each song is different, but I feel the ones that come gushing like that always seem to connect with people a bit more. You have less time to slave over the wording trying to hide what you are really trying to say- so I think it ends up being more honest. Sometimes it takes me months and sometimes minutes. It can be frustrating, but writing music is my favourite thing to do.

The launch of your single, ‘Aliens’, is on Friday October 6th at Howler, Melbourne. How are you feeling? Will ‘Aliens’ be the only new track you’ll be debuting that night?

We are toying with the idea of throwing another new one out there, but we don’t want to bore everyone with songs they don’t know. I get so ridiculously anxious around our shows because the music means so much to me. I would like to think that translates and that’s maybe why people like our live show? But anyway, yeah it’s very nerve-wracking for me. I like that energy though. You can tell when someone is just going through the motions and when someone is really pushing the envelope.

Where do you usually draw inspiration from when writing songs?

Again it’s a bit of a lottery, but mostly from my own life. There have been extensions of that where I write from the perspective of those closest to me, but I think you tell the best stories when those stories are your own.

Your sophomore LP is due out in early 2018. Have you finished up recording it, or are you still in the midst of its creation?

We are nearing the final stages of tracking - there were a few late comers to the party song-wise so we are just finalising it all. We are so excited to share it with everyone, I feel like this one will be pretty diverse.

Are you finding the process of writing and recording this album very different to your debut album, Chamomile?

Yes definitely. We kind of built an idea of who we wanted to be with Chamomile and now we want to continue that, but also mess with it a bit you know? Also I played all the instruments on Chamomile because it was just a recording project at that stage, but for this one it’s a band effort. I couldn’t be happier with how it has gone so far.

You’re about to hit the road to support Something For Kate in November, with a couple of the dates being sold out. Are you excited to head out on tour?

SO PUMPED. That band has been such a huge influence in all of our lives I still cannot believe it is happening. We love SFK and we bloody love touring.

What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

It would have to be people singing along. Still blows our tiny brains every time it happens - especially interstate. Getting fired up after the show and having a bit of a boogie is pretty high up on that list too. We really love meeting new people.

What are your musical influences, both personally and as a band?

Songwriting-wise, I love wordsmiths like Tim Rogers, Kevin Devine and Paul Dempsey, but am also very into the whole American ego revival thing like Citizen, Brand New and Pinegrove. Murph our drummer gets really into Strung Out and Comeback Kid. Albert is really into rap and loves Kendrick & Anderson Paak. Alex loves Weezer and is really into the classics like Oasis. As a band we all really love Blink 182. I don’t know, its a bit of a mix bag. Our local heroes are The Smithies, Luca & our mates Ceres - they of course have been a huge influence. Also that new Paramore record is off it’s head.

The band will be launching their single 'Aliens' October 6th at Howler, Melbourne.