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Spotlight: Dreamers Crime

Sydney five piece band, Dreamers Crime, are one of the most exciting new bands to hit the world of hard rock. They're dynamic sound creates aspiring visions and artwork which comes to life through the brilliant musicianship and powerful lyrics. With one EP under their belt which was released back in 2012, the boys in Dreamers Crime have been working hard over the past few years, creating an album that will captivate the hearts of those who hear it. With a release date set for November 17th, their debut album titled No Compromises, what you're soon to hear is a voice of a new generation for heavy music. We caught up with Peter, Simon and Michael for a chat about how everything took place, the recording process, hopes and aspirations and much more, as well as plenty of laughs and good times.

You're new single "I Believe In You" has been out for a couple of weeks now, how's the response and overall feedback been so far?

It's been really good. We've had some pretty positive feedback and everyone that we've spoken to has been really digging it which makes us happy and excited.

Awesome. It's the first taste of new material from the new album coming out soon, can you give us some more details on the LP?

Yeah, the album is going to be dropped on November 17th and there's another single dropping very soon with a video for it as well, not many people know about that so it's more of a surprise.

That's exciting. Is the new album completely done or is there still a few things that need some work before it's released?

Nah, the album is completely done and finished, all ready to go.

What was the process like filming the music video for "I Believe In You"? Was it a fun and enjoyable experience?

Yeah, we did the whole video in one day. We had some friends act as extras in the video and my cousin played a lead role in it as well. Basically we filmed our parts for the video in about two hours which went fine and then we had a BBQ for everybody that showed up for the filming of it which was fun. It was done by a guy called Josh Holiday up in Newcastle who was a really cool dude to work with.

What was it like for you guys to record the album at Electric Sun Studios knowing so many killer bands have made music there?

It was great! Since we started pre-production in September last year, it was a bit of a slow process but we love what came out in the end and I'd really like to work with them again. It was a really good experience working with Stevie and Dave.

What made you guys decide to go with them?

We heard some stuff that they did with another band and we liked what we heard, so we thought we'd just give it a go and see what happens.

Nice. Did you guys learn a lot from Stevie and Dave down at the studio?

Yeah for sure. It was very eye opening and they taught us and showed us kind of a different way of thinking as opposed to our writing approach, which really helped and definitely influenced the way all the songs came out in the end.

The way to put it is they connected our dots, if that makes sense?

Oh yeah, so they're sort of there to fill in the gaps and lead you along the way...

Yeah that's it, between the five of us recording, we needed mediators and they definitely played a big part in that.

Watch the video for "I Believe In You" below:

Cool. So 2018 is going to be a massive year for Dreamers Crime by the looks of it. What are some things that you'd like to achieve and have you set any goals for yourselves as a band?

Yeah, we're just planning on touring as much as we possibly can and showcase our album to as many people as possible, and just get on any show that we can basically. We will go overseas and that's definitely our biggest goal to achieve, it's going to happen though.

Very nice. I noticed a couple of wrestling references in you Facebook video titled 'The Jobber Files' which was quite funny. Are you guys big wrestling fans as well?

Massive wresting fans mate, yeah. One of us isn't as recipient towards it as the others though (laughs). I almost debuted as a wrestler last year actually, but I injured my shoulder which required involved getting surgery.

Good stuff. As a fellow wrestling fan I picked up on that straight away.

It's funny because we had a review written for us and they said "I Believe In You sounds like it should be a song for WWE Summerslam 2017" which we thought was quite hilarious.

That's awesome! What other types of music do you guys enjoy listening to?

I think everyone has different tastes in the band. But I think for us three here at the moment in a more modern style it would have to be Alter Bridge. There's a lot of variety here actually, we can go from blues to rock to heavy metal.

Does that mean you guys bring your wide range of styles to the table when you go in and practice and sort of bounce ideas off each other?

That's what makes the writing process so much fun! Like Simon was saying, we all like different things at different times, so when it came to the writing process it was a bit fidgety starting off at first but I guess the idea came together and then the album came together as well.

Did you guys all sit around and watch your music video get played in RAGE? That must have been a childhood dream come true right?

Yeah, it was good, it was on super late at night but it was so worth it. You sit up all night so you can see that memorable RAGE icon pop up in the corner and the white font at the bottom of the screen with your bands name and song, it's pretty cool to see. We don't even have free-to-air TV at our houses anymore so we had to stream it through the ABC app (laughs).

If it all works out well for you guys and I'm sure it will with how talented you are, which major band would you like to tour with one day and why?

You might get three different answers for this one I reckon.

I reckon it would be pretty cool to tour with a band like Metallica. Pulling out the big guns straight away. Or it could be a band like Alter Bridge, KISS, Judas Priest, Periphery...

Whoever brings the most people to the shows?

Yeah, whoever wants to put up with our shit (laughs) but I guess you could also use it as an opportunity to meet your favourite artists as well. We'll tour with any band of any genre, whether it's soul or reggae and we'll find out if anyone is digging what they hear.

Watch the video for "Here We Are" below:

Back to the new album. Rather than rushing it, was it important to spend as much time as possible on the tracks and making sure every sound and element was at 100% before you guys completed it?

Yeah definitely, we tried to punch out as many tracks as possible. When we went in there to the studio it was a big shock to even work with Stevie and Dave, a few things got changed around and stuff. But it was worth the wait and it took a few years actually since our EP to get into the studio and just record everything as a final product.

In regards to the lyric process and everything in that regard also, with Dave and when it came to the melodies it was so strategical to make the most hookiest sounding parts for those sections and then I wasn't even thinking about lyrics at the time, I was thinking about what was good for which part. The lyrics came literally right at the end, so I had lyrics written up and ready to go a while before that. But up until the actual came to start setting things in concrete and getting everything down, I was in a whole different head-space and writing all of these new pieces of material.

Do you guys have any upcoming shows lined up?

Yeah, the next show will be the album launch for No Compromises but we haven't set a date just yet, but we should be announcing that very soon.

I'm sure Judas Priest and Metallica will be there for that one as well (laughs).

What words do you have for your fans that are looking forward to the album and the ones that continue to support Dreamers Crime?

We've got two words for ya!


Just spread the word because we know you're going to like it and we worked really hard on this album, so hopefully fans will enjoy it. It's been a long time in the making. We've been anticipating this release just as much as other people have been, and I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that don't even know about it who are still yet to hear our music, so we're very excited and we appreciate all of the support.

No Compromises will be available for pre-order this Friday October 13th and punters will receive new single 'Here We Are' - their new single and the second cut from the record.

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