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Spotlight: Dumbsaint

Dumbsaint are of a four-piece instrumental band from Sydney, Australia. Artistic and cinematic in their approach, they combine vivid and visually compelling narrative projections with epic and masterfully composed music. Dumbsaint are the perfect example of experiencing the magic of music through both sound and image. They are about to hit the road this November supporting Japanese instrumental rockers, Mono. Tomina Vincent caught up with drummer, Nick Andrews to see what the band has been up to.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Insert Review Here. This is an exciting time for Dumbsaint, What have you been up to these last few months?

We've been writing when we can and reflecting on the past few years to see how we can properly evolve with the next release.

Dumbsaint have supported many international acts in the last few years, and you’re about to head on tour with Japan’s MONO. What can fans expect from those appearances?

This will be our last outing for the 'Panorama...' cycle. It's been an interesting 2 years, but we're glad it's properly winding down. These shows are the best way to wrap it all up before we lock ourselves away. People can expect our usual visuals, a few lesser played tracks and hopefully something new as well.

You toured Europe earlier in the year, what was that like for the band?

Overall, a great adventure to experience together as a band after so many years of work. It's a world away from touring Australia and was encouraging to see how far our music has spread since 2012. We played some of our most comfortable shows over there and I'm hoping we can do it all again one day.

You have been heavily involved in film and the creation of a series of short films for your release Panorama. Tell us a little bit about how the concept came together.

We always wanted to make one complete film for a record and that was the right time. In hindsight, about 50% of it worked and definitely taught me a lot about film as a medium, and its place within what we do. Hopefully we can develop that in new and interesting ways going forward.

When working on these pieces, what comes first – the music or the imagery? Where do you start?

It can vary, but mostly music - it's much more instantaneous and easier to experiment with. Panorama must have been a colossal undertaking, how did you source the crew and did you always know who you wanted to involve in the project?

The crew was either just myself, or with James and Mike when available. That lack of assistance shows in places, but for the most part, we got what we paid for. Most people on screen we sourced online especially for the film, but some were friends from previous projects. There's always a heavy amount of compromise with something like this, but the idea to execution ratio was manageable.

How did you get started in film? Is it an interest you’ve always had?

Telling stories is what I've always done, with varying degrees of success. Film is where I go to instinctively considering I grew up on so much of it, but my standards are so high that my output is rather small. I've spent years stagnating, so now with all this experience I'm hoping to finally accelerate to where I can contribute something relevant to the medium.

If there was one film director you could work with, who would it be and why?

Either David Fincher or cinematographer, Roger Deakins. Above all, I'd say we share similar work ethics and attitudes towards storytelling. They serve the story and technically never get in the way of it.

Describe Dumbsaint’s creative process. Is there one main songwriter in the band, or is it more of a collaborative effort?

We always jam to get things moving. While we all collaborate on the overall direction of the material, the building blocks or drive inevitably stem from one or two people.

In terms of new music, do you have any surprises for your fans at the upcoming shows?

Yep. There will be something that we've been working on since we returned from Europe.

What’s next for Dumbsaint? Where is 2018 taking you?

Writing and living. After 8 years, we've ticked off most of the 'practical' bucket list, so we'll be adjusting what we need to to try and keep everything moving along.

You can catch Dumbsaint at the following dates with Mono:

Check out one of their videos for "Cold Call" below:

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