• Tomina Vincent

Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair - Various Artists

Album: Spawn (Again)

Artist: Various

Genre: Heavy

Release date: 17 November 2017

Review by Tomina Vincent

The idea of a Silverchar tribute album is a magnificent one, and admittedly I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the talent showcased in this release. Here’s the lowdown, track by track.

The Amity Affliction’s take on ‘Tomorrow’ is quite unexpectedly orthodox, but it sounds incredible. I admit that I secretly wanted this to be a really heavy version, but at the same time, it is respectful of the original and conveys the right emotions. Thumbs up!

Void of Vision take things up a notch with a blistering version of ‘Israel’s son’, which sounds very much like one of their own tracks – a very exciting piece. It’s heavy, melodic and beautifully delivered. This is a bold re-imagination and one of the clear standouts in this release.

In Hearts Wake present their version of ‘Freak’, which is a risky choice in itself – a very beloved track and one that has long identified Silverchair as the kings of Australian grunge. This cover rings true to self and is extremely innovative. In true In Hearts Wake fashion, this track is a Frankenstein of a song, with clean vocals and guitars, followed by thunderous riff- heavy sections and a few unexpected melodies thrown in for good measure. A worthy tribute.

The Brave bring a moody vibe to ‘Cemetery’, and it really is a great listen. The delivery is emotive, and the production sounds huge. It’s one of those covers that feel like originals, and the band have succeeded in bringing their own flair into the mix.

Northlane swoop in with an enormous version of 'Anthem For The Year 2000' that is somehow very not Northlane, which is extremely exciting – it just goes to show how incredibly versatile this band is. There is nothing they can’t do. A fantastic listen that explores shifting dynamics and brings on the heavy.

Hands Like Houses take on 'Ana's Song (Open Fire)', which is a huge undertaking. A track very close to many people’s hearts, I imagine it would have been difficult to decide how to approach it. But the band manages to make the track sound stunningly big and beautiful, and all of the sudden, this is my new favourite version of the song.

Ocean Grove are chameleons, and they prove it once again with their take on 'Spawn (Again)'. A totally re-imagined version that anyone could mistake for one of their own tracks. A distinctly punk vibe meets thrashing guitars and sleek production. The vocal delivery is great, the intensity just right.

Next up, we have Storm The Sky’s version of 'Emotion Sickness'. This is by far my favourite on the album – it sound absolutely enormous and it feels like it was always meant to be sung this way. Storm The Sky made my skin crawl with this track. It’s dark, emotionally charged and well executed. Perfection.

I’m excited to hear a female voice at this point, and here Tonight Alive have done what they do best: putting a smile on your face. Jenna McDougall’s delivery is strong and confident, and it feels like ‘Without You’ is given a new breath of life. This is a refreshing pop-punk version that sounds like a hug.

‘Straight Lines’ was one of those tracks that divided Silverchair fans upon release, but that didn’t deter Columbus at all, in fact they took in in their stride and made a very interesting version of the song that sounds almost completely unfamiliar and some may even not recognise it at all. The reward for a fully re-imagined cover should certainly land in Columbus’ lap. It’s uprising, elaborate and unexpected.

Spawn (Again) really is an evocative and incredibly fun experience. This release may be filled with nostalgia, but it is also a testament to the plethora of stunningly talented artists we currently have here in Australia. This is a CD you need in your collection.

8 out of 10

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