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Interview: Victoria Jenkins of Fragile Animals

They're the masters of catchy-yet-sombre melodies, creating their own brand of endearingly melancholic indie rock that enraptures the audience and sends chills down their spin. Now, with the release of their debut EP Light That Fades, Sunshine Coast three piece Fragile Animals and a highly successful east coast tour, there's no stopping the band. We recently had a chat with singer and bassist Victoria Jenkins about their EP, favourite moments on tour and how they all met.

You’ve been having such a busy 2017, how’s everything going right now? Everything is going really well for us at the moment. We’ve worked really hard and we’re really pleased that we’ve gotten to finish off the year by releasing our debut EP and playing a run of east coast shows. We feel really lucky and we can’t wait for 2018. Congratulations on releasing your new EP, ‘Light That Fades’! How has the reception to it been so far? Were you very nervous when releasing it? When we wrote the tracks for the EP we had no idea how people would receive them. We were just writing music we liked and we were hoping it would find it’s way to people who might like it too. We’ve been blown away by the response, to be honest. Our first single ‘Signals’ was listed as a finalist in the APRA AMCOS Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition and our second single ‘Home’ has so far received almost 45,000 streams on Spotify and airplay on Triple J. We’ve had people from all around the world following us on social media or ordering copies of the EP online. It was quite unexpected really and it’s been a huge buzz.

How was the process of creating the album? Was it a very long journey from writing the EP to getting it out there? In reality I suppose it was a relatively quick process. Most of the initial ideas come from Daniel (Parkinson, guitar). Then we pull things apart and put them back together until we’re all happy. The first track we had finished was ‘Signals’ which we released in February. We try to write constantly if we can, so pretty quickly we had the rest of the EP written. We spent about two weeks recording and then another month or so in the mixing/mastering stage. There is a fair bit of planning and organisation that goes on behind the scenes after that. But we were finally able to release the EP at the end of October and we can’t wait to do it all again next year. Where do you get inspiration from when writing your music? I think we get inspiration from both the music we’re listening to and what happening around us. We all have slightly different taste in music but we also have a lot in common, and we’re all listening to music constantly. How did you guys meet and become a band? Daniel and I have known each other for a while. He came to me with some initial ideas and I began working on them. At the time Daniel was playing in another band and Kyle had just joined as their drummer. We asked Kyle to work on the material with us and it all sort of fell into place from there.

You’ve just completed a successful east coast tour, how’d that go? Any memorable moments? The EP tour was incredible. We started off with a show at Ric’s Bar in Brisbane which is close to home and was a nice way to kick things off. We played the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney which was really cool considering we’ve been there to see bands we like so many times. The next day we flew to Melbourne and played at a cool little place called The Last Chance Rock 'n' Roll Bar. We had great supports on the tour and genuinely had a really great time. We can’t wait to tour more extensively next year. There were a few memorable moments... mostly related to Uber rides actually. One of my faves was our Uber driver who searched us on YouTube and gave us his critique on the way to a radio interview we were doing! Who would you say your biggest musical influences are, both as a band and as individual musicians? Oddly enough some of our biggest influences probably don’t show through that much in us. I mean, my favourite band is Radiohead and Kyle is a huge Ryan Adams fan but I’m not sure either of those come through. We were listening to a lot of stuff from Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Tame Impala, The National, The Stone Roses, Wolf Alice, DMA’s, The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys when we were writing the EP. If you could choose any 5 bands to play a show with, past or present, who would they be and why? That’s a tough one. I would love to support Wolf Alice or Catfish and the Bottlemen. Those guys seem really cool. Also it would have been really cool to play a show with Oasis back in the 90’s. We’ve actually seen a lot of really cool local bands recently that it would be super cool to play shows with. Bands like The Sinking Teeth, Waax and These New South Whales. Wait... can we have more than five?

Get your copy of Light That Fades here or on iTunes/Spotify.

Written by Nicole Roberts

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