• Tomina Vincent

Eigengrau - Rise Of Avernus

Artist: Rise Of Avernus

Album: Eigengrau

Genre: Orchestral/Death/Doom Metal

Release Date: January 19th 2018

Review by Tomina Vincent

Rise of Avernus have been a mainstay in the Australian metal scene for some time, and one of the most celebrated heavy acts around. With three albums already under their belt, the release of their fourth is highly anticipated, and I’m happy to say, one that exceeded every expectation I had.

Eigengrau is an amalgamation of many elements borrowed from almost every strain of heavy music, from symphonic to melodic death and black metal. And while this brand of broad sonic spectrum is often associated with Rise of Avernus, the scale and grandeur of this record far surpasses its predecessors. We are treated to an array of beautiful compositions, clever song writing and fittingly emotive vocals, put together to create an even flowing and utterly enjoyable record I think any heavy music fan can appreciate regardless of genre based preference.

The mood is darker and heavier this time around, and so is the production, but perhaps most importantly, there is no weight to be heard in the mix. The record was mixed and mastered by production wizard Logan Mader, best known for his work with Gojira and Fear Factory, and his take on the Rise Of Avernus sound is quite breathtaking. This is a band always attentive to their production, but they have truly never sounded better. My only gripe with this album is the fact that it only spans 8 tracks, and the reason this is a problem is because It left me wanting more, which is both exciting and exceedingly rare.

Eigengrau will be released on January 19th, and you need to get your hands on it that very morning. A brilliant record by one of Australia’s finest, and a strong contender for my top releases of 2018.

10 out of 10.

Check out the lyric video for "Forged in Eidolon" below:

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