• Steve Jenkins

Album Review: Sermones Mortis - Zeolite

Artist: Zeolite

Album: Sermones Mortis

Genre: Metal

Release Date: February 7th, 2017

Review by Steve Jenkins

For the last four years, Melbourne's Zeolite have been touring Australia and making a name for themselves with their unique blend of death metal, infused with groove and some technical elements sprinkled in there as well.

Sermones Mortis kicks off with "Malignant" and straight out of the gate it's punishing and relentless in its delivery. The tracks begins with a brooding intro almost like a tempest slowly approaching, before the crushing guitars and pummeling drums go into overdrive. Vocalist, Fraser Mainwaring roars over the brutality that is unfolding, just for a moment, before it goes back to the dark tones we heard when the song started off. "Repudiation" is the next track, there's no time wasted here as it dives right into the heaviness, with a ridiculously heavy slab of almost blackened deathcore and pretty bleak songwriting. There's some devastating moments on this song, with nice build up for savage breakdowns and plenty of atmosphere to accompany them with. "Reticent" is the third track and it sort of uses itself as a filler between songs, it's instrumental so it breaks things up a bit for a couple of minutes before we hear "Ruination" which follows. Just like the name of the track, I can see this ruining everyone and everything when played in a live setting, it's blisteringly heavy and the demonic vocals create something that would make the devil himself run and hide. The final track, "Plutocracy" doesn't let up, it's dark and chaotic with technical riffs and compositions that sound razor sharp and super intense.

Overall, Zeolite are a band that I'm going to be keeping on my radar, as I very much enjoyed what I heard on Sermones Mortis, it even left me wanting more. It's an impressive sophomore release, and something that's actually quite refreshing considering a lot of other similar sounding bands seem rather boring to me lately. But not these guys, this is face-melting metal of an elite level.

9 out of 10

Pre-order bundles for Sermones Mortis are available here: https://zeolite.bandcamp.com

Check out the video for "Ruination" below:


with special guests Ame Noire

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