• Steve Jenkins

I, Valiance Release Second Piece Of Their Twisted Musical Puzzle

The self titled debut album by I, Valiance is a slowly but ever evolving puzzle; not released as a whole, but in very important pieces. Each part unveiling more of the band's sound; with the completed puzzle representing the last 6 years of their experience. Today the band releases the second part of that puzzle, II, as well as introducing Terence Kilner as the primary vocalist moving forward for the band. "We came into this because of a combination of things." explains Matias Morales of I, Valiance, "Using music as a coping mechanism, being able to express whatever we want and showing to people that we are human, we are vulnerable and that we are approachable. We have always used writing music to escape so therefore it doesn’t really follow any sort of structure, it is erratic. At the same time it’s a demonstration of us showing how metal, hardcore, punk and anything that falls under that umbrella has been such a huge part of our lives. Our music incorporates as many influences into one package as we can. It’s important to us because its good to represent where we come from but there’s also no rules to this shit. We basically do whatever we feel like."

View the Bungle-esque madness of I, The Enemy here.

In reference to the noticeably changing line up of the band, Morales explains that too is part of the process. "Due to us being the type of people that we are, we took the necessary time to find members that we click with creatively and personally. People that we can get along with, have good work ethic but also who are open minded and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. Everybody that we have worked with thus far have been great, but it usually comes down to a creative difference that has been met. Shit happens. Things don’t always work out the way you think they will. That’s a prime example of life doing whatever the fuck it wants."

I, VALIANCE ON TOUR w/ Boris The Blade THUR 23 AUG - Enigma Bar, Adelaide 18+ FRI 24 AUG - Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne 18+ SAT 25 AUG - Factory Floor, Sydney 18+ TUES 28 AUG - The Basement, Canberra 18+ FRI 31 AUG - Crowbar, Brisbane 18+

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