• Steve Jenkins

Album Review: Aborted - TerrorVision

Artist: Aborted

Album: TerrorVision

Genre: Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Belgian gore-obsessed 5-piece, Aborted, are probably the best of the new school group of death metal bands that continue to provide the heaviest, craziest, most brutal and extremely well executed music in the world. Providing some of the sickest riffs, catchiest grooves, vile vocals and most insane blasts, all of this can be found on the bands latest album TerrorVision, which is a true showcase of their profound and formidable work.

Much like their unmistakable artwork, Aborted are all about the horror and macabre of death metal, and they've never been the sort of group to deviate from what they set out to initially, and if anything, this is what the latest album achieves with every song. Opener "TerrorVision" unsurprisingly demonstrates the band's greatest strengths, which consists of super strong ever-changing riff work, aggressive vocal roars and an ultimately satisfying solo section. The band explore various differing paces but maintain the level of aggression from start to finish.

Fans of Aborted will already know what to expect coming into this album, the constant insane riffage and utter heaviness is very prominent on TerrorVision. Classic Aborted can be found on "Vespertine Decay" where they perform an array of chaotic and overlaying guitar patterns accompanied by screeching tremolo riffs, as well as those menacing vocals from Sven "Svencho" de Caluwe. With a whopping 24 former members, one would think that most of the Belgian metal scene has played for Aborted at some stage. But what's astonishing is the consistency in their sound over the years despite their frequent line-up changes. The only member that remains prevalent is vocalist Sven, who very much encompasses the sound of Aborted.

“A Whore D’ouerve Macabre" is very much the pinnacle of TerrorVision, and quite frankly one of the best death metal songs you'll hear this year. It's vintage Aborted and it give a very old-school death metal vibe whilst staying on top of the more modern keys that make Aborted so relevant today. This band is bordering on death-grind, and this could pass for more of a grind album than what Pig Destroyer just released. If Cannibal Corpse are the soundtrack to death metal, then Aborted are the band that are composing music to take that title and carry it into the next generation. There may be no finer death metal record in 2018 than TerrorVision. I don't throw 10 out of 10's around very often, but this damn near comes close, as it's a polished and cerebral album, where everything seems to be in the right place.

9.5 out of 10.

Pre-Order your copy of TerrorVision, out September 21st via Century Media HERE

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