The Great Collapse - Fit For An Autopsy

Artist: Fit For An Autopsy

Album: The Great Collapse

Genre: Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

It seems like only yesterday when New Jersey extreme metal outfit Fit For An Autopsy released the crushing 2015 album Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell, and now they've unveiled another behemoth with The Great Collapse.

Fit For An Autopsy have been on the radar ever since their impressive 2011 debut The Process Of Human Extermination and since then they've stuck to a strict two-year album cycle. The consistency of the quality on each release is certainly something to behold and there's no denying that they've also grown and matured each time.

The Great Collapse is an album with direction, purpose, and a very strong message which fans and listeners can all get behind. FFAA are angry at the current state of the world and it comes through on the music and lyrics, tackling important issues throughout the album. The rapid demise of our environment is the main subject matter in the lyrical content and you only have to watch their video for 'Black Mammoth' to realise that. What is most remarkable about FFAA, is their incredible ability to release such strong, intense and passionate albums with such a small timeframe between each one.

The level of production is outstanding as always. Given that guitarist, Will Putney, who also serves as their producer, is one of the most renowned in heavy music, known for working with bands such as The Amity Affliction, Thy Art Is Murder, Every Time I Die and The Acacia Strain, it's no surprise that the work is of top quality. The sheer heaviness on The Great Collapse is astounding and given the theme of the album, it really comes through and makes you feel like punching yourself in the face for the destruction we've created.

The individual performances on the album are not to be forgotten about, as vocalist Joe Badolato more than proves that he belongs in the band. After joining FFAA in 2015 following the departure of original member Nate Johnson, many knew that Badolato had big shoes to fill. But after hearing the last two albums, the roaring echoes of emotion and aggression are ever-present thanks to the high calibre vocal stylings from the new frontman. Of course, the guitars are bone-crushing, layered with catchy and impressive hooks throughout accompanied by the drumming which is resonant and booming, complimenting the guitar and bass perfectly. When it comes to devastating breakdowns, FFAA have always outdone others when it comes to delivering a pummeling assault on your eardrums and here it's no different. Just listen to the track 'Heads Will Hang' and be blown away by the heaviness and very cool Gojira-style pinch harmonics.

Fit For An Autopsy are reaching the pinnacle on their successful climb to the top of the death metal mountain and I don't think there's anything or anyone that can stop them. The Great Collapse might be their best album to date, although it is a bit too early to say that with certainty. Their latest offering definitely earns them the right to be considered as one of the most dynamic and important bands in modern metal music today.

4 out of 5 stars.

Stream the album below or on Spotify:

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