Wasted Days - Terra

Review by Nicole Roberts

Melbourne based pop-punk band Terra are gearing up to release their debut EP Wasted Days on March 24th, following on from 2015s debut single, 'Talk Is Cheap'. Reminiscent of early Paramore, the five track release focus' on a variety of subjects, from what it's like being in a band to their creative process.

Opening with lead single, 'Watercolour', the band delivers a steady stream of pop-punk, right until the final group vocals on 'Talk Is Cheap'. With its bouncy and energetic guitars, and memorable riffs and hooks, the songs are quite catchy and can have even the most jaded of listener tapping their feet.

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Cassie Sutton, has a solid voice that is filled with confidence and good range, ideal for the bands release. The album never loses its edge and that is mostly due to the consistent production which keeps everything sounding tight.

If you miss the early days of Paramore, this could be one for you to check out. While it bears no resemblance to modern pop-punk, a la Trophy Eyes or La Dispute, it's a good throwback to when the genre was much more pop than punk. It's a strong debut release from the band, and while it does feel familiar (which isn't always a bad thing), it does have some really strong moments which give you a glimpse at the kind of future they have as their music inevitably matures.

3 out of 5 stars.

Wasted Days is out 24th March 2017.

You can pre-order the album here.

Check out the video for 'Talk Is Cheap' below:

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