Fools Paradise - Mirrors

Artist: Mirrors Album: Fools Paradise Genre: Metalcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Coming from the regional area of Victoria known as Gippsland, Mirrors are an up and coming juggernaut in the metalcore scene of Australia.

This being their debut EP, the initial thought upon hearing it is that they've taken many elements from different styles of metal and created a beautiful end result. They take a more extreme approaches found in thrash metal and death metal music and then add hardcore components and a nice amount of melody. It's like a throwback to hearing Severed Ties by The Amity Affliction for the very first time, except maybe more polished.

Metal has spawned so many different sub genres since the 90's and even now we are hearing different styles in each individual sub genre. Mirrors are incorporating djent influences here which is done extremely well, but also keeping the infectious breakdowns and chant-along vocals that make metalcore so great. Patrick Goodman is brilliant throughout, with impressive screams and an assertive tone that will work wonders in a live environment when he commands the crowd. The powerfully eerie track 'Waiting' features guest vocals from Zachary Britt (Dream On Dreamer/Young Lions) whilst the closing track 'Bring Me Home' features David Vernon (Belle Haven) - showcasing some of our best homegrown talent.

The atmosphere on Fools Paradise is enthralling and the musicianship is explosive which equals a remarkable EP that will garner some very nice attention from new and existing fans. With an overabundance in the metalcore scene right now, Mirrors are shaping up to be a serious contender due to their organic sound and delivery. In the end, Fools Paradise is an EP with 6 exciting new tracks from a young band full of potential. There's no need for reflection when it comes to deciding whether or not to give this a listen, just do it and thank me later.

4 stars out of 5.

Fools Paradise is out now and you can buy it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

Check out the video for 'Tie The Lace' below:

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