Have You Heard? HalluciNation - Iconoclast

Artist: Iconoclast

Album: HalluciNation

Genre: Deathcore/Death Metal

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, there's a band that is quickly making a name for themselves by pulverizing crowds with their intense and dynamic style of death metal. Iconoclast released their debut album HalluciNation just over a year ago and it displays the full potential of what Australian heavy music has to offer the rest of the World. The first track, 'The Virus Of Faith' rips through the speakers with demonic vocals and an onslaught of intense instrumental carnage. Whilst being catchy and heavy at the same time isn’t exactly a new approach within the current world of metal, Iconoclast are absolute professionals at this formula, taking a familiar sound and making it their own. Another standout track, 'New World Slaughter', is probably the song you would choose when introducing them to someone to showcase the talent of this band. It is a textbook track of how a deathcore song should be structured, with a welcome addition of unique melody and brooding atmosphere. The breakdowns are huge, the riffs are fierce and the blast beats are rapid, accompanied by savage and tenacious vocals that make it all the more powerful. Iconoclast could easily be one of the big stars of this genre in a couple of years time, and they're only one EP and one LP into their promising career. None of the songs on this album are boring, and it’s extremely well produced. They deserve to make it, because honestly, their sound is refreshing in a sometimes monotonous scene. At times it’s pretty hard to believe that this is a debut album due to it's professional nature. With the immense vocal range and the captivating melody of the guitars, it truly is something to appreciate.

There's a lot going on when listening to HalluciNation, and at almost an hour long. Iconoclast have done well enough to keep the flow of consistent and outstanding musicianship at a high level. It's explosive, insanely heavy and after a year since it was unleashed on us it still holds up to a high standard of extreme Aussie metal at its finest.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Stream the full album below:

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