Interview with The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad

We had a chat to The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad ahead of their highly anticipated run of Australian shows in May. Have a read below if you want to find out more about their new album, the addition of a brand new member and which brutal death metal band he would love to commandeer.

Are you guys excited and ready to come back to Australia after nearly 2 years now?

Yeah man, definitely. It’ll be our first action back from taking a long breather at home and working on a new record and stuff so yeah man, I’d definitely look back to getting out there. I’ve been hanging around at home for way too long and I’m starting to feel like an alien.

Is there anything particularly different to playing shows here compared to the states and Europe?

The travels tougher, definitely. Having to fly every night, or every morning, rather, is kind of a pain in the ass, you know what I mean. Otherwise, the crowds are very similar the world over. We hope to get the same results, like people wanting to sing along in the mic with me and moshing and crowd surfing - that’s what we like to see.

You’ll be playing these shows with The Faceless and Putrid Pile and a couple of local bands here. Did you have anything to do with choosing this line up or was it out of your hands?

It was out of my hands, but also it was a very pleasant surprise. I definitely like all of the bands on the line up, so it was very cool. Especially Putrid Pile, we’ve known him for a long time actually, since the early days of BDM and I haven’t seen Shaun in person for a zillion years so I’m looking forward to seeing that child molester moustache one more time.

Yeah, me too. Can’t wait for that. And you’re familiar with Whoretopsy as well, the Melbourne band? They’re really cool.

Yeah, they’re cool man, I’m excited to have them on the bill, bringing some local thunder. It’s fucking awesome.

Yeah man, for sure. You yourself are always listening to and supporting underground brutal death metal bands. Does it have an influence on your song writing at all?

Definitely, I take a little bit of everything I like and put it into the BDM mixing bowl, pretty much. Lyrically, especially. The more violent things get, the more it is pulled from brutal death metal and my love of it - the gore elements and wearing women’s faces and things like that.

Yeah. What have you been listening to a lot lately? Can you name a few bands or a few good albums that people should check out?

Sure. There’s a new album by this band called Incinerator coming out. It’s on Raw Skull Records and it comes out in June or something. It’s awesome, kind of like Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, that kind of warred out, old school death metal. I’ve been playing the hell out of that.

Gravestone as well, on the same label, I’ve been liking that a lot. The new Anthropothogist is coming out, the Italian band. That’ll be in my column coming up pretty shortly here, but I’ve been playing that too.

I mean, there’s no shortage of great new stuff at all times, it’s been kind of fun for me to do the column.

Definitely, it’s a good read. One of my favourite things about you guys are your DVD releases, because you let us into your lives and life on the road, plus they’re funny as hell to watch. Have things calmed down a bit on the road, or do you guys still party pretty hard?

Yeah, we’re still pretty much the same. I think that, with our age, we don’t party quite as much as we did on Majesty but I think that we’re still making good on the last DVD [laughs].

But I don’t know if we’ll ever do anything like that again, the market for any band to sell a home video of any kind is just, it died basically, it’s rough. I think a lot of it has to do with how readily available live content can be on facebook, and shit like that. I think that’ll kind of serve to replace that. I think we’re just going to have to put more content of us smoking weed with magnifying glasses, shit like that.

[Laughs] Sitting around, reading a kindle, drinking a beer, something like that. If you could mqke up your own brutal death metal supergroup with you as the vocalist, who would you choose to join you?

Oh, that’s a good one. I guess for drums, naturally, I’d have to go with Lille from Defeated Sanity. I think he’s one of the best out there, one of the most creative dudes out there in the scene. Guitar wise, I don’t know, maybe I’d just join Defeated Sanity, that would be good. [laughs]

Well that pretty much answers that. So, you guys are pretty consistent with your two year album cycle ever since the beginning, does this mean since it’s pretty much been 2 years since Abysmal, can we see something new this year, or are we going to have to wait a bit longer?

Oh man, it’s coming dude, we’ve just kept it pretty quiet, as we usually do, but it’s underway right now. I believe the guitars will be started tomorrow, we got guys flying in today, the drums just got wrapped up a couple of days ago. We’re just not really that band that is forthcoming with that kind of information usually. So we just like to leave the fans hanging a little bit, but they’re definitely starting to pick up on it, there’s been a few clues out there. I think we’re looking at a fall release and just staying with the 2-year program. Just got to get fresh material for the kids, especially in this internet age. I think music’s become so disposable to people, when they can have as much of it as they want. We try to keep fresh in their minds.

I think there’s only a handful of heavy bands, you included, that can release such consistently good albums every 2 years, so it’s a pretty good achievement.

Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Are there any messages or words for your Australian fans in preparation for the shows coming up in May that you want to get out there?

Just get ready, man. Eat your Vegemite, we’re coming out there.

[Laughs] Awesome. As far as the new album, is that all very secretive right now? Are there any sort of clues or hidden gems perhaps?

Well, we did bring a new guitarist into the fold, in the last year and a half, that’s news that’s still getting out to people. Brandon Ellis, he’s been touring with us for about a year. So he contributed to the album and he’s a really talented dude, I’m really excited for him to get these songs out there, they’re really awesome. That’s a new element, and I think people are going to be really taken aback by some of the shit he’s done, it’s really aggressive. It’s exciting to have his new blood and it’s definitely an awesome vibe we have with him, I’m excited for the new material to get out there.

Well, I can’t wait to hear that, and I can’t wait to see you guys in May. I’ll be at the Sydney show. If I see you, I’ll buy you a VB.

Sounds like a plan dude, gotta put our lips on some suds.

Yeah, for sure. Alright Trev, I’ll let you get back to the interviews, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Right on dude, thank you, you too.

The Black Dahlia Murder Tour Dates

With The Faceless, Putrid Pile, Whoretopsy and Unravel

May 9th - Badlands, Perth 18+ | Oztix

May 10th - Fowler's Live, Adelaide 18+/ All Ages | Moshtix / Fowler's Live

May 11th - Max Watts, Brisbane | Oztix / Max Watts

May 12th - Manning Bar, Sydney 18+ | Oztix / Manning Bar

May 13th - Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+ | Corner Hotel

Tickets for all of the shows can be bought at

Tickets are on sale now

You can check out Trevor's column at here

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