Unholy Rush - Mindsnare

Artist: Mindsnare Album: Unholy Rush Genre: Hardcore/Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

It's been 10 years since Melbourne based hardcore legends Mindsnare released the relentless and blisteringly heavy album Disturb The Hive back in 2007. Now, we get the pleasure of hearing something new in Unholy Rush from this chaotic collective and it is everything we could have dreamed of and more.

When it comes to Mindsnare, they are one of the most intense live bands you'll ever witness and one of the most well respected bands in Australian heavy music. Combining different elements of metal into their hardcore sound, like thrash and grind, they definitely deserve more recognition for being as good as they are.

A relatively smaller band, they've gathered a rather big following in the underground metal and hardcore scene. With their memorable live shows that tend to always make the headline act look weak in comparison, Mindsnare are an absolute powerhouse that will not die. Their short and explosive songs allow the listener to take in the sheer brutality that sticks out like a sore thumb, eliminating any chance of repetitiveness. The guitars are always crushing and this new album is no different, with smash-mouth riffs that are always super fun and infectious, never tiring or boring. Vocalist, Matt Maunder, incorporates a mixture of harsh screams and typical thrash shouting, sounding super angry, which is absolutely perfect for this type of music. Spitting these ultra fast lines along with the speedy double bass drumming and the chunky riffs, the thrash influence comes across very clear on many songs.

Mindsnare are straight to the 'effing point with their music and are a ferocious force to be reckoned with. We are extremely lucky that this influential band has made another album after so long, it was not expected but it sure as hell is a monstrous delight.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Unholy Rush is available now at JB HiFi and selected record stores, as well as digitally on iTunes and Spotify.

Have a listen to 'Into Infinity' which is taken from the brand new album:

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