Sunbound - Brother Firetribe

Artist: Brother Firetribe

Album: Sunbound

Genre: Hard Rock

Brother Firetribe, the five-piece who have jokingly labelled their music as 'tennis heavy', are back with their fourth full length album, Sunbound. Serving as a follow up to their 2014 release Diamond In The FIrepit, the Finnish rockers bring their trademark Album Oriented Rock to fans once again.

From short but sweet introduction, to their ballad 'Shock' through to one of their lead single, 'Taste Of A Champion', the track is so full of 80s power rock goodness. In fact, it sounds so much like any of these tracks could easily be used in an 80s movies inspirational training montage. It's just the epitome of soaring 80s rock, especially second track 'Help Is On The Way'.

As much as this album can seem like it's a huge throwback to the neon clad 80s, it's actually done really well. The musicianship is tight, the songs are well written and not once does the album lose momentum or energy. While it won't be to everybody's taste, you'd be hard pressed to not acknowledge how flawlessly the release has been put together.

3 out of 5 stars.

Check out the video for 'Indelible Heroes' below:

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