Voyage Into Eternity - Valhalore

Artist: Valhalore

Album: Voyage Into Eternity

Genre: Epic Viking Metal

Epic folk/viking metal band Valhalore, hailing from the battlegrounds of Brisbane, have just unveiled their debut full length album titled Voyage Into Eternity, which is filled with powerful folk inspiration and melodic death metal. The end result is something truly enchanting and exhilarating, with a natural sound that remains vehement yet mystical. It truly is quite exciting.

You'll hear a variety of instruments when listening to Valhalore, including a mandolin, cello, guitars, drums, and even a penny whistle. The dual-vocal arrangement is quite spectacular and impressive with deep growls and clean singing, both of which are executed brilliantly. Voyage Into Eternity isn't just a superb viking metal album, it sends the listener on a journey through time and offers up some truly tranquil and captivating moments. From the spellbinding three and a half minute intro 'By Moon And Stars' which builds into the all-powerful 'Malice Of Illusion', it signals the extremely high standard that is to come with the rest of this album.

The serene soundscapes that are accompanied by the forceful and mighty heaviness allow you to lose yourself in a world of imagination, creating a range of emotions from pure rage to absolute bliss. For a debut album that sounds as well put together as this does, the expectations for future releases are certainly going to be high. But for now, Valhalore are standouts in Australia for this particular style of music. So fill up your drinking horn with lager and sharpen up your most treasured sword, and let Voyage Into Eternity take you on a thrilling adventure that you're bound to enjoy.

3.5 stars out of 5.

To learn more about Valhalore and to purchase Voyage Into Eternity, visit their website by clicking here:

Check out their latest music video for the unreal track 'Across The Frozen Ocean' below:

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