Songs From The Great Divide - Caution:Thieves

Artist: Caution:Thieves

Album: Songs From The Great Divide

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Melbourne post-hardcore rockers, Caution:Thieves, are here to show you exactly how you can balance outbursts of chaotic music with dexterity and heartfelt emotion through sound.

This skillful band have all the ingredients one might expect of the post-hardcore genre, but they seem to have a little something else, a kind of undefinable variable in their sound that makes them stand out - and it just might be grace. One moment you'll be pumping your fist in the air and moving your body along to the aggressive tones of metal influence, before things calm down with ambiance and sections that seem harmonic and beautiful. During certain times on this EP you'll be reminded of a metalcore Misery Signals vibe, which may change into post-hardcore sounding Thursday and then some straight up rock-style Dead Letter Circus - the funny thing is that it totally works.

The production is worthy of praise as everything sounds extremely well put together with a clean and overall dynamic sound, with each instrument coming across crystal clear. The vocals from Nicholas Simonsen sound excellent and he possesses a beautiful tone that most singers would be jealous of. With there only being 4 tracks on this release, it's a short but impressive way to showcase the abilities that Caution:Thieves acquire. Songs From The Great Divide will make you want to sing along with passion, and it will also shift you to mosh around your living room with their catchy Rise Against-style hysteria.

This EP holds many strengths that are sure to benefit them in the future, which right now seems very bright. It's 4 tracks that you can listen to on repeat and not get sick of, because each song has a defining moment and super impressive musicianship that hooks you in for the ride. There's certainly more than enough talent here to make a name for themselves with future releases. A solid effort and a huge thumbs up!

3.5 out 5 stars.

You can buy a digital copy of Songs From The Great Divide at their Bandcamp page:

Watch and listen to the track 'A Greater Sense Of Self' below:

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