Wick - Royal Thunder

Artist: Royal Thunder

Album: Wick

Genre: Hard Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Royal Thunder have always been a consistently excellent band, with each of their previous releases impressing critics and music lovers alike, renewing rock 'n' roll fans' faith that rock truly isn't dead. This latest album, Wick, is thankfully no different in the fact that it blows the listener away from the very first song. With their sound seeming like a mixture of grunge, classic rock, and a dash of progressive rock, they've really locked down their sound and have certainly perfected it.

Following up their seminal 2015 release, Crooked Doors, an album that was praised by critics, it was never going to be easy to live up to the high expectations everybody has for them. Yet they've done it. From the very first track, 'Burning Tree', you're hooked. Front woman and ridiculously talented vocalist Miny Parsons has you in the palm of her hand and keeps you there from the get go. Showcasing her impressively versatile vocal range, not once does she fail to do anything other than wow.

The musicianship from the entire band is solid for the entirety of the album, with the combination of the stellar guitar work, consistent, driving bass and tight drumming forming such a cohesive sound, their years of practice are clear. Add this to the maturity of their songwriting, and you've definitely got yourself a fantastic album from this Atlanta four-piece.

With standout tracks including chilled out 'The Well', brooding 'April Showers' and the powerful 'We Slipped', there's not a single place that this album fell down. With every song sounding like it could be a lead single, it's very easy to see how huge this bands future is going to be. All in all, it's a crazy good album, and definitely a stand out release for 2017 already.

9 out of 10.

Wick will be available April 7th via Spinefarm Records. You can pre-order it here.

Check out the video for 'April Showers' now:

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