The 'BIG FOUR' of Modern Metal

There's no denying that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax are some of the most important bands in heavy metal and thrash metal history, and still are to this very day. But who in this day and age would you consider to be the Big 4 bands of modern metal? Here are our picks and why:

1. Lamb of God

They became the kings and carried the flag for the 'New Wave of American Heavy Metal' movement and are now a top tier name when it comes to the very best in heavy music. With eight studio albums, multiple Grammy Award nominations, numerous Metal Hammer Golden God Awards, a notoriety for incredible live performances, the release of stellar and in-depth DVDs, the list goes on and on. Lamb of God truly are deserving of all their achievements and are one of the most respected bands in modern metal.

Listen to 'Walk With Me In Hell' taken from the 2006 album Sacrament.

2. Mastodon

Atlanta based progressive metal outfit Mastodon formed in 1999 and ever since they've been blowing listeners and critics away with their talented lineup of musicians. Releasing one of the all time greatest riff albums back in 2004 with Leviathan, before going on to creating an awe-inspiring and mystical journey with Crack The Skye in 2009, their catalogue reeks of awesomeness. They can do it all and they pretty much have, cementing them as one of the true masterful bands in modern metal.

Listen to 'Black Tongue' taken from the 2011 album The Hunter.

3. Revocation

If there were ever a band to take the helm of modern thrash metal and absolutely crush it, then it is most certainly Revocation from Boston, Massachusetts. They incorporate technical death metal with thrash metal, using complex guitar/bass interplay, shredding solos, galloping double bass drums and hard-rock style breakdowns and groove. Perhaps the most consistent, yet unheralded act in modern metal, Revocation should be on everyone's playlist if you truly do love your music heavy and outstanding.

Listen to 'Dismantle The Dictator' taken from the 2009 album Existence Is Futile.

4, Opeth

Swedish metal band turned prog-rockers, Opeth have been around since 1990 in one form or another. While the band didn't go on their first world tour until 2001 off the back of their fifth album (and some would say greatest) Blackwater Park, it wasn't long until they began to dominate the charts the world over, consistently cracking the Top 20 in the USA, as well as many other countries around the World. While the bands sound has evolved over the years and is no longer as 'brutal' or 'death metal' inspired as they once were, they're still a driving force in the metal community. You can't argue that Opeth didn't release some of the greatest metal albums ever with masterpieces such as Still Life, Ghost Reveries and Watershed. A truly deserving band for this short and very tough list.

Listen to 'Ghost Of Perdition' from the 2005 album Ghost Reveries.

*Disclaimer*- We know a lot of people are going to disagree with our choices, and some might totally agree, or only agree on one or two, which is fine. To be honest, it's one of the many things that makes music great - the fact that we can all have different opinions on what is and isn't good, and everybody can find something they love. We encourage open and respectful discussions on music, and if you'd like to have your say, feel free to go over to our Facebook page and comment your thoughts on who you think deserves to be in this hypothetical list.

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