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Review by Nicole Roberts

Hard rockers He Is Legend are back with their new release, few, on the 28th of April. Following up their highly successful 2014 release, Heavy Fruit, and coming off of the back of a lengthy 2015 tour, the Wilmington band crowdfunded their newest album on Indiegogo, raising 124% of their goal. Heading to a remote cabin in Carrboro, NC to create the album, what they came out with was few. But does it live up to the high expectations fans of the band have?

Opening with 'Air Raid', I already had mixed feelings. While the seperate components of the song were great, and musically each member was consistent, the song felt like there was too much going on. Right as I would settle into one great riff, it would suddenly change to something completely different, with seemingly no cohesion between the two parts. It's almost as if each member had their own seperate idea, so they decided to put it into one song. Occasionally that works for bands, but sometimes, like in this case, it just sounds a bit sporadic at certain times,

The album continues this way for the first few songs, but by the time they hit 'Silent Gold', they seem to settle in and find their groove, with it all coming together. 'Silent Gold' is a genuinely good song - well written, well executed, it's tight and easy to listen to. From there, they give us some more really high quality tracks which make up for the beginning of the album. With highlights including the brooding 'Call Ins', the powerful 'Eastern Locust', and the quite frankly excellent 'Fritz The Dog', there are some really strong parts of the album that outweigh the weaker parts.

Generally, this is a solid release. Fans who loved the bands previous material will be happy with this one, as they do share a lot of the same qualities, but with a bit more of a maturity to their overall sound. While the album doesn't start off on it's strongest foot, it does pick up and deliver some trademark He Is Legend hard rock.

If you enjoyed their old music, you will most likely enjoy this one, so give it a listen - it is worth it.

3 out of 5 stars.

few is available 28th of April 2017 via Spinefarm Records, online and in store.

Check out 'Sand' below:

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