Have You Heard? Heavy Over The Home - Sanzu

Artist: Sanzu

Album: Heavy Over The Home

Genre: Metal/Death Metal

Release Date: December 3rd 2015

In this weeks edition of Have You Heard? we take a look back at the debut full length album from Perth band Sanzu titled Heavy Over The Home, which saw this exciting and flourishing metal act create an album of monstrous proportions. It was very loud, mighty and powerful, with Gojira-worship musicianship being a huge influence, which is always welcome if executed correctly. There are also a wide array of progressive elements and throwbacks to early death metal that make this album so pleasurable to hear to this day.

Earlier on in the year of 2015, we saw Sanzu debut their first EP called Painless which wasn't long before this fine album was released. Straight away, the metal community across Australia new that Sanzu were something special. This ultra-talented 5 piece band deliver crushing riffs that resemble a stampede of elephants rushing towards you, flattening your body with sheer force and melting your face with riffs and a very contagious groove. Rather than pigeonholing Sanzu into one sub-genre of heavy metal, which is almost impossible, we see them grow here and experiment, whilst totally nailing it. Taking elements of doom, traditional metal, industrial, sludge and of course death metal, Heavy Over The Home was most is definitely one of the more abounding and auspicious releases of 2015.

With an opener like 'Old Orchard Floor', you know you’re in for a powerfully heavy journey. The alternation between chunky chords and pounding drums makes for a beastly result. 'Those Who Sleep In The East' is another cool track, which taps into a very bold and dramatic feeling, the song encapsulates much of what Sanzu does correctly on this album.

Heavy Over The Home is unabashedly loud and, of course, heavy (it's in the damn title), but it also delves into a progressive soundscape that makes the band sound even more extreme. It will make you want to bang your head for the entirety of the album, and it will make you respect Sanzu for sticking to what they know and making it sound impeccable, when it could have easily been so stagnant.

4 out of 5 stars.

To find out more about Sanzu visit http://sanzu.bigcartel.com/ and show your support.

Watch the video for 'Those Who Sleep In The East' below:

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