Sunny Places For Shady People - Southview

Artist: Southview

Album: Sunny Places For Shady People

Genre: Pop Punk

Review by Nicole Roberts

Pop punk has changed quite a bit in the last five to ten years. From the glory days of Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Four Years Strong and The Story So Far, to today's more angst ridden, post-hardcore influenced pop punk a la Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes and Brand New, the genre has shifted and grown dramatically. While the new breed of pop punk is great, it's really nice to hear a release from new bands that sound more like the original pop punk from years back. Sunny Places For Shady People is that release.

Southview have released their latest offering, a three track EP, filled with acoustic goodness, raw and emotional vocals along with simple melodies. They've really kept it to a bare minimum with these songs, keeping it all straightfoward and stripped back, but not boring. With very few instruments adding to the sound, and the focus being on the guitar and vocals, they've let the simple melodies do the talking. The lyrics are very typical of the genre, and could serve as a soundtrack to a teenager going through a breakup very well, or a young person struggling to find their way in life.

The tracks aren't exactly polished, but it seems like that's what the band is going for. The sound is very organic, and the songwriting is very minimalistic. It is hard to really judge the quality of it, given the fact that there are so few songs, there's so little to judge in each song and they are quite similar in sound. That being said, their talent and their simplicity tick the boxes for an easy to listen to and solid release.

3 out of 5 stars.

Sunny Places For Shady People is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

Watch the video for 'Sunny Places For Shady People' below:


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