The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour - Secret Company

Artist: Secret Company

Album: The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour

Genre: Pop Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Bringing their guitar laden pop rock to their first full length release, Secret Company have dropped a monumental debut album, The World Lit Up and Filled With Colour. Filled beginning to end with synth heavy melodies, catchy hooks and dreamy vocals, it's a solid release from the Chelmsford boys.

From the very opening track, 'Final Wish', it's got a very Birds of Tokyo vibe, but slightly more prog-rock in some places. The band maintain an energy that, even when the tempo is slowed down to have a more relaxed vibe, still sits below the surface, constantly peaking your interest and keeping you listening. While some of these tracks can feel a bit too similar, they intersperse it with random key changes and moments that make you feel like it's a completely different song, which keeps you guessing.

The only real issue I have with this album (and it's entirely possible that it's all in my head) is that the lyrics in 'Midnight Rush' - no one has to know, don't tell anyone - makes me think of 'The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret' by Queens of the Stone Age. This would be fine except for the fact that it kicked off a need to listen to QOTSA which isn't helpful when trying to review a different album.

There are some really strong songs off of this album, including the prog-rock 'Out of the Blue', the dreamy yet powerful 'Blue Rose' and the catchy 'Lightning Parade'. If you aren't a fan of music that has both modern and classic rock influence, just power through the first couple of songs, as I promise you, from the middle to the end of the album is very good and has something a bit different for each listener. This debut album is an impressive look at what the boys have in their future. It's accessible and easy to listen to, and fans of radio friendly rock should definitely check this one out.

3 out of 5 stars.

The World Lit Up and Filled With Colour is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the video for 'Lightning Parade' below:

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