Have You Heard? The Reject Of Humanity - I, Valiance

Artist: I, Valiance

Album: The Reject Of Humanity

Genre: Metal/Death Metal

Released: 2015

Fans of Australian Death Metal are sure to know these guys. In a genre that's overflowing with hard working, talented bands, you have to have a certain something, like a certain sound or presence, just something special to set yourself apart from the crowd. I, Valiance have that in spades.

Released to critical acclaim, The Reject Of Humanity was a huge triumph for the Melbourne group. Teasing fans for months with previews, lyric videos and leaked album art, people were blown away when the EP was finally released. Refreshing and brutal, the EP is filled with head-banging riffs, furious and fast drumming, a vicious and evil sounding vocal range and breakdowns that will break your neck if you're not careful.

From the heavy intro 'Prologue' setting a dark and eery feeling, combining an unrelenting, crushing guitar, punch-face drumming and vocals that make Satan himself sound like a little girl. 'Part 1: The Pillars Of Ruin' is next and this track was the first taste we got of the EP and left everyone who heard it wanting more. With some really cool and unique vocal effects which are accompanied by electronic background sounds that give the sound an almost futuristic feel, it doesn't take anything away from how heavy it sounds. If anything, it makes it sound even heavier!

The Reject Of Humanity creates a landscape and sound that comes across quite clear that they've set out to do something different, yet still create devastatingly heavy music. As far as a debut EP is concerned for a band of this variety, it really doesn't get more intense or impressive than this. The production on this EP is absolutely top-notch and everything sounds so clear and precise. There's not one single element on here that doesn't shine through and attack your eardrums with pure pleasure that one can only experience when listening to this monster creation. I've had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform live and there was definitely a vibe that I have not felt for quite some time.

You really need to do yourself a favour and just listen for yourself. I was left speechless and blown away at how amazing this EP sounds from start to finish when it was first released, and it still does that to me now. It truly is one of the finest releases we've seen from a band of this genre in years. Go to iTunes, give them your money and be blown away by The Reject Of Humanity.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Check out the video for 'The Loneliest Soul' below

Find them here

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivaliancemelb

Twitter: @IValiance

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