This Is Goodbye - Imminence

Artist: Imminence

Album: This Is Goodbye

Genre: Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Swedish rock outfit, Imminence, have released their new album, This Is Goodbye. The band have taken a sharp detour from the metalcore sound fans have come to love, and more into an arena ready alternative rock sound. With this new album, they've really explored new ideas, new sounds, and new inspirations as they create an album with a much more accessible, radio friendly vibe. While the album itself is very different and unique for the band, in terms of what's popular in the rock scene right now, it does sound fairly familiar (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

When the album began, I actually checked to make sure I was listening to This Is Goodbye, and not a new BMTH album. In fact, the first few tracks of the album have a heavy Bring Me The Horizon vibe, although, to be a fair, quite a few bands are heavily influenced by that group right now, and it's not like they don't sound good. Their production is high quality, musically they're tight and vocalist Eddie Berg has a voice strong enough to hit every note perfectly with ease.

BMTH haters can relax though, as at about track four, 'Coming Undone', it moves away from that feeling and into more of an alternative rock vibe, full to the brim of rock anthems that seem to be made for huge sing alongs at live shows. The songs are all cohesive, and it does work well as a whole piece. One of the best tracks of this album is definitely 'Cold As Stone', with its in your face feel and the ridiculous energy that the song contains. It's definitely a stand out track,

The album closes out with three acoustic covers of their tracks - 'Diamonds', 'Keep Me' and 'This Is Goodbye', so you do end on a bit of a chilled out note.

All in all, the album is solid. It doesn't sound super original, as with each song you can easily liken it to the signature sound of a few other bands, which means that instead of getting swept up in the high quality of music they're producing (and it IS high quality, they're a talented band), you spend the time trying to place exactly who it sounds similar to. There are no points in the album where it falls down or sounds off. It just would've have been a lot more of a stand out if their influences weren't so heavily guiding their soon. That being said, it's definitely a high quality album you should check out.

6 out of 10 stars.

This Is Goodbye is available now Arising Empire. You can get it here.

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