Coming Home - Falling In Reverse

Artist: Falling In Reverse

Album: Coming Home

Genre: Pop-Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Falling In Reverse are back with another album to follow up with their polarising (to put it politely) previous releases. Led by ex-Escape The Fate frontman, Ronnie Radke, this is their most ambitious release to date. This also marks the first album with their new lead guitarist, Christian Thompson, so that might explain the slight change in their sound.

Musically, the band are ridiculously good. So many of these songs could have easily been the 2017 equivalent of Bring Me The Horizon's 'That's The Spirit' because the MUSIC is great. It's the kind of powerful stuff you can imagine yelling along to at a metal club or blasting in your car in traffic when you think the windows are rolled up and nobody can hear you sing along loudly, but they really actually can. Sadly, the lyrics prevent it from reaching this status.

It's not even the vocals that ruin it, as Radke does have a decent voice and the melody carried by him is quite strong. It's the lyrics themselves that make you cringe and want to change the song. Take 'Fuck You And All Your Friends' for example. Straight out of the gate in the first paragraph, we're given the fantastically mature lyrics 'You think you're so goddamn cool, everybody thinks you're a fucking fool. Crash and burn on a car ride home, it would be a lot better if I slit your throat'. It sounds like something an angsty teenager would write in their diary when mad at their BFF, or when their mum said no to something. It doesn't sound like the lyrics of experienced musicians who have been around for quite a few years.

Or take the song 'I Hate Everyone'. I'm no Shakespeare, but 'I hate this house, I hate your mum. And fuck your friends, I hate them all' isn't exactly a quote people will be getting tattoo'd on them anytime soon. The lyrics are genuinely off putting, and ruin an otherwise catchy song.

It's almost like they're trying to be the musical parody of emo music, with talented musicians and questionable lyrical content. Although, while the successful parody bands (I'm looking at you, Steel Panther, you beautiful bastards) mean for their lyrics to be an exaggeration of what people think their muses sing about, I don't think that's the case for Falling In Reverse, who seem to be stuck in an infinite loop trying to recreate the success of 'Situations'. Their music seems to have matured and grown, just not their lyrical content, which is preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Basically, while this is a musically great album, they've very much hampered themselves by not allowing their lyrical content or their songwriting to evolve and mature. If they'd gone the route of their old peers, such as Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco, and allowed their music and their themes to grow and mature as they did, thus allowing themselves to expand their audiences whilst also growing up with their original fans, then they might have really nailed this album from start to finish. Instead, the downfall of this album is 100% the lyrics.

5 out of 10.

Coming Home is out now via Epitaph Records. You can buy it here.

Watch the music video for the track 'Coming Home' below:

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