Interview With Imminence Vocalist, Eddie Berg

Swedish rock/metal act Imminence have recently released their new album This Is Goodbye and are ready to take their new sound to the rest of the World. We recently had a chat with frontman Eddie Berg to talk about their new album, their biggest inspirations and the chance of an Australian tour.

Congratulations on the new album, This Is Goodbye. It’s a brilliant listen. What would you say were the main inspirations behind this album?

Thank you so much! Really appreciate hearing that. I mean, we were picking a lot of different influences for making this album. I think everyone gathered different influences too, but we had some bands in common of course. Personally, I went back to my teenage, fueled by Nu-Metal, emo and alternative rock/metal. Linkin Park and In Flames were my favorite bands back then. Some newer inspirations have been BMTH, paving a way for metalcore into the altrock genre, Thirty Seconds To Mars and pop-artists like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. Some odder influences were Yelawolf, Twenty One Pilots and even U2.

Has the writing process changed from album to album?

Definitely. We used to write more as a full band. But personal situations required me and Harald (guitars) to mantle the song writing almost completely. In the decision of pursuing a new sound, it demanded a big increase in workload and experimenting with songwriting, producing and recording.

To introduce This Is Goodbye, you did a few videos on your Facebook and in one of them, you mentioned that when you first began bands like In Flames and Linkin Park were amongst your major musical influences. Would you say that they’re still your main musical inspirations or has that changed?

Those bands are not our or my biggest influences today, no. But they made a big impact on me as a musician, mainly because those bands made me start singing in the first place. I constantly consume new music and different genres, and so my influences change as well, but I will always have those bands in my roots.

Your music videos are incredible. You’ve been the director and played a very hands-on role with the creation of them since the beginning. Has your creative process for coming up with new video ideas changed over the years as your band has grown?

Thank you so much for the kind words, it's most humbling. It has changed and evolved I think. In the beginning I didn't give too much thought about it. We needed music videos and basically just wanted them to look cool. But as the band grew, we were looking to improve every possible aspect of the band, creatively and technically. Today, music videos are a crucial part of Imminence, for our image and for adding another level to our music and our universe.

If you could choose your dream line up of 5 bands to tour with, who would they be and why?

1. Linkin Park, because they were such a huge inspiration to me growing up. 2. Same for In Flames, plus they seem to be the most awesome guys, like being on tour with the coolest dads ever. 3. Bring Me The Horizon, they’re probably the band we’re closest to, genre-wise, and I think our music would be perfect to expose to their fanbase. 4. Coldplay, the band that got me into more pop-oriented music. And, just imagine playing in front of their crowds… 5. Thirty Seconds To Mars has also been such a big inspiration to me, it would just be epic to play with them.

Have you always known that music was your future, or was there a particular moment when it clicked that this was what you were meant to do?

I never had an enlightening moment. It’s like I have an uncontrollable drive-force that just burns for music. I can not imagine myself doing anything else with my life to be honest.

Any plans to tour Australia and New Zealand?

We don’t have any plans yet, but we’re of course looking for opportunities to go there too!

This Is Goodbye is out now via Arising Empire. You can get it here.

Check out our review of the new album here.

Find them here


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