Extinction - Harlott

Artist: Harlott Album: Extinction Genre: Thrash Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

One of the most exciting bands right now in thrash metal are from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. They're fast, aggressive and unrelenting. They are Harlott.

There's a resurgence in the thrash metal scene all over the world right now and there does seem to be bands springing up everywhere, creating something new and innovative. Some are terrific, some not so much, but when it comes to Harlott, they are certainly doing the genre proud.

They have such a relentless approach that you can't help but admire, with their catchy hooks and turbocharged aggression, there's so much to love on Extinction from start to finish. After starting off super strong with their debut album Origin, an almost perfect album, they followed up with another extremely solid effort with Proliferation. Now, with their third album, Extinction, these guys continue to grow and cement their status as serious contenders for modern day thrash metal giants. They sound as though they've been around for longer than they have, with a defined sound that is so incredibly dynamic and tight. Harlott are keeping this style of music alive with their 'take no prisoners' attitude and by staying true to the sound. There's moments on Extinction that take you back to classic Slayer and Exodus albums with such tracks as 'Conflict Revelation' and 'Parasite' with their explosiveness and pummeling riffs.

The sheer talent of the musicians in Harlott is next level and quite frankly amazing. Andrew Hudson is master and commander as the frontman and guitarist, executing each and every line and riff perfectly. Tim Joyce and his blistering drum performance is another standout on this album as well as Tomas Richards and his mighty bass groove, all components that make everything work so well.

Harlott have released something special with Extinction, an outstanding effort that will be sure to sky-rocket the band into success. If they continue to release quality metal like this then they will surely dominate not just the thrash scene but the entire heavy metal universe. We could potentially be looking at an album of the year contender, and people really need to hear this, but sadly I think many people will be missing out on this work of art. Harlott truly are the next big thing and they're ticking all of the boxes and doing all of the right things to get them to the top.

8.5 out of 10.

Extinction is out now via Metal Blade Records and you can purchase the album on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

Watch this video for the track 'First Wold Solutions' below:

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Bandcamp: https://harlottmetal.bandcamp.com/

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