Swing With Your Eyes Closed - Chin Up, Kid

Review by Nicole Roberts

Formed in 2013, Chin Up, Kid quickly made their mark by releasing a debut EP Home Advantage, a follow up 2016 EP The Way You Live Is Common, and through constant touring, including the Indiana stop on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. After a few lineup changes, they've buckled down and written their first full length, Swing With Your Eyes Closed, set to be released April 28 via Standby Records.

The amount of work they've put into this release is clear, with each track being well written, interesting, and musically tight. They've got a certain rawness and passion that is so often lacking in modern pop punk, yet the production level is high. While in some places, the energy can falter a little, it doesn't take away from the album. All of the elements of pop punk are there, from the gang vocals, borderline nasely lead vocals, upbeat guitars and simple yet tight drumming, and while it does carry a certain familiarity to it, it also stands out from the sea of mediocre pop punk releases we're seeing lately.

Highlights for me from the album are 'Look Around' with the interesting little riff in the bridge, 'No Regrets' with its infectious energy, and title track 'Swing With Your Eyes Closed', which has a brilliantly catchy chorus.

If you love Four Year Strong, you'll love these guys, as they're very reminiscent of FYS's early days. They've got a certain something that's become lost in pop punk. This album is strong, and shows a lot of promise for what the band have in their future. Chin Up, Kid are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Swing With Your Eyes Closed is out April 28 via Standby Records on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out 'Expectations' below

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bandcamp: https://chinupkid.bandcamp.com/

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