Have You Heard? Lord Of Woe - Make Them Suffer

Artist: Make Them Suffer Album: Lord Of Woe EP Genre: Blackened Deathcore

In 2010 a band from Perth released one of the most exciting and genre defying releases ever created. Make Them Suffer are a 6 piece band who use all of the main attributes of modern day deathcore and death metal where the breakdowns are massive and the screams are shrilling. But the band do something very different to make themselves stand out from the rest and that's mostly due to the beautiful and haunting keyboard effects.

Although this sounds like too little to be classified as creativity, don't pass on it until you've heard it. Keyboardist Louisa Burton doesn't plague the riffs with upbeat dance synths often found in today's metalcore scene, she instead uses traditional effects that lurk in the background. This gives the music a much more ominous tone, with a strong sense of brutality.

Make Them Suffer did not only alter the deathcore formula on their debut EP Lord Of Woe, but they make the chugging breakdowns heavier, they make the screams more brutal, and they add their own unique twist on it all. These factors make Lord Of Woe easily one of the best deathcore releases, perhaps ever.

What I love most about this EP is the perfect blend of death metal, black metal and deathcore all wonderfully fused smoothly and seamlessly. The darkened nature of the sound makes everything sound more mature and emotionally driven, leading to an onslaught of brutality. All five tracks leave a huge impact for such a small duration, but that just makes the lasting impression that much stronger. Every note, every scream, every epic chorus is just delivered and executed spot on, leaving you wanting more and giving you that shiver down your spine.

The EP will actually have an effect on you much like it did for me almost 7 years ago, which is very rare in the genre and I can't believe it's been that long already. But like every deathcore band, there is a sense of repetitiveness found, but nowhere near as much as a lot of other releases. The music is so well produced, played and written that it almost doesn't matter.

In terms of a debut release, this EP is pretty much perfect from start to finish and you can't really make a better first impression. Their albums that followed this have also been terrific, like the 2012 symphonic deathcore masterpiece Neverbloom and the 2015 full length Old Souls which saw the band expand their sound and show a more melodic and also balanced side to their music. Either way, we will always have this little gem to look back on and appreciate for many years to come.

10 out of 10 stars.

Listen to the track 'Weeping Wastelands' taken from Lord Of Woe below:

Find them here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makethemsufferau/

Instagram: @makethemsuffer

Twitter: @makethemsuffer

Label: Rise Records

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