Joy In Motion Release 'See Your Face', First Single From EP "Falling Out"

Brand new Brisbane 4-piece band Joy In Motion are about to make an impact. A project that came about out of vocalist, Jake Solway's desire to shift into something a little different from his previous act, heavy band Road to Ransome. Jake was drumming for that band - but always had a desire to front a band as the vocalist with his impressive range and talents as a singer. Today they (Jake Solway - Vocals, Patrick Heaton - Bass, Carly Sinn - Drums and Dylan Cottee - Guitar) release their very first taste of Joy In Motion, ahead of their debut EP release, which drops on Friday May 26th. Pre-Orders are now live at their Big Cartel and Band Camp sites.

The straight-up pop rock/alt rock sound comes from Jake growing up listening to bands like Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and Sum 41 and the results are obvious. Clean tones, beautiful vocals and sing a long vocals for days means that Joy In Motion will be hard to shake out of your head.

The EP 'Falling Out' was produced, mixed and mastered by Declan White, who is located in Melbourne. The band flew him up to Brisbane and he stayed with the band for 3 weeks during the production process, recording out of vocalist Jake's home studio.

The brand new single is paired with a fantastically-shot video clip from Third Eye Visuals, where a couple is going through different stages of life together. They start together as young children at the start of the clip, then grow into teenagers throughout the middle before finishing as adults at the end of the clip. Keep your eyes out for the changing of seasons in the video too.

Watch the video for 'See Your Face' below:

Here is the artwork for the EP 'Falling Out' which is out May 26th:

You can find Joy In Motion here:

Facebook -

Instagram - @joyinmotionmusic

Twitter - @joyinmotionband

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