Generation Of Terror - Sacrificial Slaughter

Artist: Sacrificial Slaughter

Album: Generation Of Terror

Genre: Extreme Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

There are certain bands that try to defy trends, changes and experimentation for a fully developed and perfectly executed style that gives them a signature musical identity. For example, everybody knows what to expect from an Obituary or a Cannibal Corpse record by now. In just 5 tracks, Californian extreme metal act Sacrificial Slaughter manage to come off as fresh, hard-hitting and vibrant as any metal loving fan could possibly ask for, while still managing to stay true to their trademark sound they've become known for.

Sacrificial Slaughter have spent the past fifteen years or so proving themselves to be one of the most persistent and brutal bands of the underground death metal scene. Formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley, the band have toured the United States again and again, with their fast paced thrash metal approach and their old school death metal style making for an amazing result.

The band have 3 full length albums, an EP, and a split release with Enfuneration under their belt. But now, Sacrificial Slaughter have returned with an absolutely vicious onslaught of material with this new EP, Generation Of Terror. It features five new blistering tracks that smack you right in the face with aggression, as well as a cover of the classic Carnivore track 'Race War.'

The EP kicks off with a bang and the opener 'Systematic Genocide' showcases what this band can offer to the extreme music genre. The vocals are very much death metal influenced with some intense and brutally heavy sounding growls which are great. The guitar work is killer and very infectious with some excellent groove, demonstrating a super fast and technical execution before going into a slow yet crushing tone. There are certainly a few moments on this short offering that got my head banging along and my feet tapping to the punchy riffs, especially on the track 'Bare Knuckle Beat Down' which also has almost like a brutal death/slam metal vibe to it which is awesome.

Overall, Generation Of Terror does not break new grounds for this style of music, but thanks to their skill and confidence, Sacrificial Slaughter still delivers an energetic pack of songs that gives death metal and thrash metal fans exactly what they want. Sometimes it doesn’t get any simpler, yet more satisfying, than that.

7.5 out of 10 stars.

You can pre-order the EP Generation Of Terror right here via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Listen to the track 'Meticulous Abomination' below:

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