Spotlight: Orpheus Omega

Artist: Orpheus Omega

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

For Fans Of: Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Children of Bodom

Melodic death metal can be a bit of a hit and miss genre. For every band who perfectly nails the balance between the harsh and the beautiful, there are ten who go overboard on the guitar distortion, keyboards, and blasting bass drum beats, creating a whole lot of noise, but not that much quality music. Orpheus Omega are definitely the former.

Since their 2008 inception, we've watched them go from strength to strength, taking their entertaining live shows on the road in support of big names such as Trivium and Children of Bodom. With an incredible tour of Asia and Australia coming up in May in support of Insomnium, the quartet are certainly set to earn themselves an even bigger following with their consistently well received and highly enjoyable shows.

As well as their brilliant live shows, the band have released a strong collection of albums, with all three releases being positively received and held up as a representation of what great melodic death metal sounds like. From their first album in 2011, Bleed The Way, a very solid debut effort, to their sophomore release Resillusion, which gained them huge traction, to their latest 2015 album, Partum Vita Mortem, a concept album exploring birth, life, and death, they've made sure to continue to expand their sound. Ever evolving to make sure they don't end up stale and forgotten, each album has shown a new side to their music and their songwriting skills, appeasing even the fussiest of death metal fans.

With the hint of a new album, as well as their exciting forthcoming tour, it's certainly a good time to be Orpheus Omega and is the perfect time for you to give them a listen.

Check out the video for 'Tomorrow's Fiends and Yesterday's Ghosts' below

Find them here


Twitter: @OrpheusMetal

Instagram: @orpheusomega


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