Toe To Toe - Rise Up

Review by Nicole Roberts

It's rough. It's raw. It's everything that hardcore should be. Sydney hardcore veterans Toe To Toe have dropped another brilliant no-holds-barred offering, following up to their 2010 album Arturo Gatti with the same unrelenting rage that they're known for. It keeps its edge and keeps its grittiness, which fans will be very happy about.

Rise Up stars off with 'Monolith', the unrelenting riffs and brutal vocals begin straight off the bat and don't let up. The band keep the same energy from the blistering guitars and rage filled vocals on 'Endurance', to the blasting drums and guitars on 'First Sin'. The album closes with possibly the best track on the album, 'Sydney', which is a ridiculously strong song and one you should go and listen to immediately.

With highlights (excluding 'Sydney') including the incredibly catchy and upbeat 'DTOM' and the in your face 'Blacklisted', the album is consistently good, with no song bringing the rest of the album down. In a genre that is seeing bands slowly lose the grit and edge that used to be the hallmark of hardcore, it's really nice to see a band show everyone exactly what hardcore used to be. Toe To Toe prove once again that they are the kings of Australian hardcore, setting a tough to follow but extremely prime example for younger bands trying to follow in their footsteps.

6.5 out of 10.

Rise Up is available now on iTunes and at JB Hifi and Sanity.

You can watch their video for 'Blacklisted' here:

Catch them on tour at the below dates


Saturday, May 13: Woy Woy Leagues Club

with Choke, Shut Out, Path Of Victory & The Kids

Sunday, May 14: The Record Crate, Sydney with The Phosphorous Bombs, The Kids & more

Friday, May 19: Marlin Hotel, Ulladulla

with SOC, Raised As Wolves & Skylerwhite

Saturday, May 20: Phoenix, Canberra

with U.T.I, Sketch Method, Cockbelch, Kid Presentable, Needledick, Sewer Sideshow and Semen & Garfunkel

Saturday, June 3: Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne - DATE CHANGE

with Join The Amish, Scratch & Sniff, The Fck Ups, Substance Abuse & Tirade

Sunday, June 4: Singing Bird Studios, Frankston - DATE CHANGE - ALL AGES 1pm Start

with Scratch & Sniff, Cosmic Kahuna, The Parient, Iscariot & Motovilikha

Friday, June 9: Crowbar, Brisbane

with Plan Of Attack, Deadyet? & Masochist

Saturday, June 10: Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast

with Bitter Lungs, Up The Anti & Flat Bickie

Tickets available here

Find them here




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