Reclaimer - Shadow Of Intent

Artist: Shadow Of Intent Album: Reclaimer Genre: Deathcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Symphonic, sinister and skull-crushingly heavy. Shadow Of Intent are re-defining the deathcore genre with a vulgar display of power that may have not been seen ever before.

Beginning in 2014, melodic deathcore band Shadow Of Intent started of as a duo. Now in 2017, they've grown to 5 members and are creating some of the most brutally brilliant music out there. With lyrical themes mainly consisting of Halo references and other spacey, alien and demise of humanity concepts being thrown in there also.

After the release of their successful underground release in 2016, Primordial, the constructors of chaos from Connecticut known as Shadow Of Intent took the metal world by storm with their insanely complex riffs and devastating breakdowns. Reclaimer is non-stop fury from start to finish, with mind-blowing symphonic elements and extremely well executed shredding also combined with some slam-tastic moments that will shatter your soul. This, ladies and gentlemen is what we have all been waiting for. Shadow Of Intent are making deathcore great again.

The things that really take this release to the next level are the stunning solos, the groove that is infectious and brutal at the same time, eradicating breakdowns and space themed symphonies. Shadow Of Intent have absolutely nailed it with Reclaimer and there's no doubt that this will get them a lot of recognition, forming song-writing that has grown beyond what anyone was expecting after their previous stellar release, Primordial.

Head and shoulders above anything else in deathcore. No two songs sound the same, all of the instrumentals are superbly written.Then there are the vocals, Ben Duerr is a master of his craft, the performance he gives on this album is really something. His range, power, effort to actually enunciate, and occasionally absurd speed, provide the listener with some of the wildest vocals that one could ask for. This is what deathcore bands should strive to be.

9 out of 10 stars.

Shadow of Intent is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and bandcamp.

Check out their video for 'The Heretic Prevails' below

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Instagram: @shadowofintentct


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