Spotlight: Falcifer

Tell us a bit about each member and how you guys met and became a band?

The seed for Falcifer was planted by guitarists Kym and Jarrad, they had previously worked in an Adelaide project together. After a demo track was laid out, Steph was approached about doing some vocals, as she had featured on one of their old band’s tracks which attracted a lot of attention. The next person to be recruited was Alex Pepper on drums, who we had known through the Adelaide heavy scene. At this stage we got to work and wrote the demo. After some months, the final piece was our bass player Alex Henderson, she was already good friends with Steph, and a guitarist in a current working Adelaide band. This rounded out our lineup nicely.

Falcifer is an interesting name. How did you come up with it?

Steph named the band, inspired by the book “Falcifer, Lord Of Darkness”. We all liked it right off the bat, and it stuck.

Where do you draw your main influences from as a band?

Our general feel and lyrical content tends to channel the angst of personal internal conflict. Musically, we have influences from band like The Acacia Strain, Immoralist and Barrier. We are still finding exactly the right direction for us.

Congratulations on releasing your demo last October, it’s a great debut. What was the reception like?

Thank you, the reception has been fantastic and we really appreciate the support. The demo was 100% self produced and it’s felt amazing to receive the kind of feedback we have so far.

You’ve been working on new music lately, are there any plans for a debut album in the near future?

We’re currently in the process of creating a new track to be released as a single alongside a music video sometime in the middle of this year. The next step from there will be to produce an EP, possibly a collaboration of some kind. At this stage we don’t have plans to do a full length.

You’ve got an east coast tour coming up, will this be the biggest tour you’ve done to date?

Yes, this will be our first tour and we’re very excited for the opportunity to take the show on the road and play in a lot of new locations.

What do you do to prepare before going on stage? Do you have any routines to get yourself ready?

We don’t really have a strict routine, pre-set hustle normally involves a thorough gear check, some warmups and a couple of stretches, and we do have a game on huddle on stage before we start.

If you could go on tour with any three other bands, who would you choose and why?

Right now we’d look at bands like Sworn In, Northlane and The Acacia strain, firstly because they’re some of our favourites and secondly due to musical similarities.

Is there anything else you wanted to let people know about the band and what you’ve got coming up?

We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone on Bandcamp who has paid for the digital download and/or bought a demo CD, we see and appreciate each and every sale. There’s been quite a demand for us to get some merch out and we’re definitely working on that right now. As mentioned we’re about to cruise around the eastern states for the next couple of months, so it would be great to continue enjoying the kinds of audiences we have had so far. A single and video should be out relatively soon. Thanks!

Check out the track "Straight//Faced" from the 6 track demo release, Theta available now.

Upcoming Show Dates:

MAY 13 Saturday – Melbourne @ BANG

Find them here:

Facebook -

Instagram - @falcifer

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