Falling Out - Joy In Motion

Artist: Joy In Motion

Album: Falling Out'

Genre: Pop-rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

I went into listening to the debut EP, Falling Out, from Joy In Motion a bit jaded. Pop-rock has lately become a bit of an over-saturated, overcrowded genre, full of people making noise, but not much heart. Yes, that may be a very pessimistic overview of the state of the genre right now, but it's definitely how I see it. Joy In Motion are different though. There's something about them that makes them sound different and I can't quite put my finger on it.

The EP kicks off with 'Falling In', a chilled out, spacey spin on pop-rock. With the combination of the soft and whimsical male and female vocals, the echo-ing effect the guitars add and the crisp drums, it's an interesting, unexpected and not unwelcome start to the album. While there is a moment where it's a bit Falling In Reverse and fits more into the more typical pop-rock mould when the vocalist sings 'I guess this is falling in love', the song is definitely a unique one that wouldn't traditionally sit in amongst the rest of the pop-rock crowd.

'See Your Face' brings the catchy hooks and the high energy that I was expecting, but it luckily doesn't go over the top, avoiding the possibility of being forced. 'Foolish Boy' is where it really stretches its muscles as a pop-rock album, bringing the woah's, the radio friendly hooks, and the fun vibes that really belong in a high school movie during a scene where the protagonist is dancing around the living room - you know, those fun vibes. It's a nice high point in the centre of the album.

The energy is brought right back down for 'Can't Stop Won't Stop'. It's a super mellow, relaxed song, a real contrast to 'Foolish Boy'. It's as if it's their version of a ballad, more romantic and less intense. It does fade into the background a little bit as it IS so soundscape-esque, but the room to breathe that it gives you is a nice reprieve. Finale 'Falling Out' follows in the same vein, but with a bit more energy. It's the perfect closer to the EP and truly sounds like the end of the album, giving it a nice, cohesive way out, as opposed to ending abruptly and unexpectedly.

The EP is a nice departure from the hoi polloi of pop-rock that's around these days. It sounds fresh and interesting, while still carrying enough traditional elements that it has an air of familiarity. It's got soaring highs and the laid back lows all gracefully combined into the 5-track release. It's not over-produced but it sounds polished, the songwriting is high standard, and the musicality of the band matches it. All in all, a solid offering from the band.

7 out of 10.

Falling Out is available Friday May 26th on iTunes and bandcamp.

Check out the video for 'Falling Out' below

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