Reaching Into Infinity - DragonForce

Artist: DragonForce

Album: Reaching Into Infinity

Genre: Power Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

DragonForce has always been a band that you can listen to from time to time, and not take too seriously. In fact, the band doesn't really take themselves too seriously when composing their music, that is we have the insanity that is Inhuman Rampage and Ultra Beatdown which are very much video game inspired records, there are also many sections of their songs that are near impossible to play realistically on guitar and this is where their gimmick I feel really goes hand-in-hand with DragonForce. They are known as the band that features incredibly impressive musicianship, but at the same time falls into the category in which all of their songs sound unfortunately very similar. Reaching Into Infinity however is where DragonForce have really stepped out of their box that they are so well known to be shackled into and this time they are incorporating a more progressive edge to their sound, something that we have not seen from DragonForce from any of their previous releases. The first single they dropped from the album, 'Judgement Day' features a keyboard section that sounds like something Dream Theater would incorporate into one of their progressive suites, followed by of course a face melting solo from Herman Li and Sam Totman, which happens to occur many other times throughout the album. The next song they released, 'Curse of Darkness', features an intro that is quite epic and something we haven't really heard from the band until this album.

A ballad is even featured on this record called 'Silence', which is really quite beautiful, followed by a solo that really fits with the whole mood of the song. Brand new elements that DragonForce have never touched are scattered all over this record with each song feeling unique and making it become its own, which their previous songs did not have, as they all sort of blended together. And if you thought this progressive onslaught was just subtle nods in all of these songs, here we have their longest song DragonForce has ever written to date 'The Edge of the World', with a run time of over 11 minutes long, this behemoth of a track cuts itself into a couple of sections with sort of a traditional DragonForce structure in the beginning, but then progressing into almost a death metal song with some impressive growls from their bassist Frédéric Leclercq, if you thought DragonForce was a one trick pony, listen to this song and I assure you that you will be very mistaken. Overall, with DragonForce blending their trademark sound that we have all grown to love over the years, with these new progressive elements that really stand out, the end result is something very interesting and refreshing. Fans that are just here for the over-the-top guitar solos and the frantic display of frantic metal will not be disappointed with this album either, but there is certainly something mature and special about Reaching Into Infinity. Possibly some of their best material to date and well worth going out of your way to take a listen.

7 out of 10 stars.

Reaching Into Infinity is out now via Metal Blade Records and Sony Music Australia. Purchase on iTunes and stream the album on Spotify.

Watch the music video for the track 'Ashes Of The Dawn' below:

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