Spotlight: Somnium Nox

With the recent release of their full length debut album as well as some exciting shows locked in for the near future, it's safe to say that Somnium Nox are on the brink of something big. The Sydney four-piece have worked hard, forming their own unique spin on atmospheric black metal, taking it to new and previously uncharted territories, even incorporating a didgeridoo on their new tracks.

Their debut album, Terra Inanis, which was released on May 15 via Transcending Obscurity, consists of three huge and impressive tracks, which weave together to really capture the essence of the album title - Terra (earth) Inanis (empty). It's huge and foreboding, creating an incredible soundtrack that really takes the listener to a different place.

On top of their interesting sound, their stage performances are dramatic and next level, bringing the spectacle and the intensity to every show. It really is no surprise that the black metallers have landed such a highly coveted spot supporting talented Melbourne band King on their upcoming shows.

Terra Inanis is out now and you can get it on bandcamp and Big Cartel.

Listen to their track 'The Alnwick Apotheosis' below

Check out the details for their upcoming shows and check them out.

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