Have You Heard? Bite Your Head Off - King Parrot

For those who even have a small interest in the Australia metal scene then you've surely heard the echoes of the band known as King Parrot. This is pure extreme metal but you don’t have to be a die-hard grindcore or death metal fan to see what makes this band so great. The band is fronted by a rather non frightening looking Matt Young, but the moment he starts to rampage through songs like 'Bozo' and 'Dead End' you begin to see the inner psychopath emerge. Backed by a band which provides huge sounding riffs after riffs that are tastier than a fresh cup of Bonox. When it comes to pure heavy and in your face metal, there's no denying that King Parrot are dead set legends and dead set heavy as f*ck.

It's hard to believe that Bite Your Head Off is almost 5 years old, time flies and they have certainly come so far ever since this career changing release. When you listen to the album there isn’t one or two tracks that jump out at you like with most albums. Bite Your Head Off is a solidly written album with no filler tracks. From start to finish this album delivers and checks off all your needs for a fun head-banging time. The dynamic shifts and endless riff carnage (or riffage) show the creativity of the band. The riffs aren’t your usual death metal style either, this sets King Parrot apart from many bands straight away. The drummer, Skitz, doesn’t just play blast beats throughout the whole album. Instead, he uses creative fills and rarely repeats himself on the album. The tracks on the album flow really well together which makes listening to the album really easy and very enjoyable, you just start at 'Bozo' and finish at 'Sandy' and next thing you know, it's over and you want to listen to it again. As far as they song structure is concerned, they’re all the same style so there are no curve balls in the mix, the album is brutal and as intense throughout, non-stop mayhem.

The highlight of the album and the standout performance has to be Youngy’s deliverance of the vocals. Frontmen will always have the spotlight shining on them in any band, but to hear someone with such a strong performance on an album is rare. His vocals also have no effects put on them, therefore they have a very live and raw feel to them. Also, after seeing Youngy’s wild stage performances first-hand, and comparing that to the vocals on this album, I’m going to have to say that he is currently one of Australia’s best frontmen.

I suggest this album as a must for any fans of Australian metal or extreme metal, it really is up there with some of the most extreme bands that the entire World has to offer. King Parrot are also a must see live band, it is no wonder they keep getting chosen to not only support but also headline some of the biggest metal shows across Australia and overseas. So, next time King Parrot decide to demolish your city, town or suburb, do not miss out and find out why they are one of the best exports in music that we have. You'll be sure to have a bloody good time.

Watch the classic music video for the track 'Shit On The Liver' below:

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