An EP Called Night - Society of Beggars

Artist: Society of Beggars

Album: An EP Called Night

Genre: Alternative Rock 'n' Roll

Review by Nicole Roberts

They're described as being warm and enticing, while still proudly maintaining their rough edges, and I have to say, that's exactly what Society Of Beggars give us on An EP Called Night. The alternative rock band are gritty, bluesy, mysterious, and seductive all at once. It's a throwback to when moody, gruff voiced rockers sang broodingly of love and loss, their voices sounding like the vocal personification of smooth whisky, but with a modern twist that makes sure they stay relevant.

Kicking off with 'Old Haunts', a great dreamy and brooding start to the album, we're shown exactly what we're in for with the rest of the album. The chorus is catchy, the guitars are interesting, and vocalists Yianni Michalopoulos' vocals are intoxicating, a theme you're going to get a lot of during this album. Moving into 'Orbs', it's stripped back even further, giving us a haunting, bare bones rock song that is moving and poignant. 'Calibrate' is slightly more high energy in parts without moving too far from what is sounding like their signature sound. The guitars get more powerful, the vocals more forceful and to the point, the entire effect sounding bigger and more compelling.

'Terrible Rain' is undoubtedly the most radio friendly track, sounding a little like Kings Of Leon, but heavier and more potently rock 'n' roll. The consistent clapping beat throughout the song is a nice touch, and the sheer power the song exudes is captivating. 'We Were Ghosts' closes out the album, less energetic than the previous track but still a strong one, the combination of the driving guitars and relentless drums to the gruff vocals creating a heady mix.

It's always a testament to a bands songwriting and musical skills when they're able to make so much out of so little, creating huge songs without going overboard on instruments or production. The fact that it doesn't sound overly produced is actually one of the best parts of the EP - it's just enough that it sounds tight and high quality, but not so much that you lose the gritty, dirty vibe.

The whole EP is strong and compelling, making me want to listen to in on repeat. It's raw and compelling, hard hitting and soothing at the same time. If you're looking for a new band to obsess over, definitely check out Society Of Beggars and give their latest EP a try. I'd definitely recommend it to any bluesy rock fans.

8 out of 10 stars.

An EP Called Night is out now.

Check out the video for 'Old Haunts' below


Saturday 3rd June THE LOFT Warrnambool

Friday 9th June CHERRY BAR Melbourne

Saturday 17th June THE ED CASTLE Adelaide

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