Wrong One To Fuck With - Dying Fetus

Artist: Dying Fetus Album: Wrong One To Fuck With Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Dying Fetus are not among the first names to roll off the tongue when asked about death metal for a variety of reasons. They never achieved the same commercial success as a band such as Obituary or Cannibal Corpse and nor did they have quite the impact of Morbid Angel, Suffocation or Deicide. Their discography is often considered to be generally slightly above average but it is generally agreed that they have not yet put out an album worth starting a party over. The previous points should not detract from what the band has actually done for the genre however. Dying Fetus are a name placed among the best and most easily recognizable within the technical death metal/slam-death genre. Dying Fetus have been around since 1991, most of the time the band works on relentlessly brutal music with technical accuracy and at times grindcore based song structures, however, they have always distinguished themselves from their peers writing nontraditional death metal lyrics, Dying Fetus usually injects political themes into their bloodline and this eventually lead to their so-called “political death metal” image.

Wrong One To Fuck With is Dying Fetus' eighth studio album, and as we approach the halfway point of 2017, it has been an incredible year for death metal and this is just another testament of that. However the band is not exactly reinventing the wheel, Wrong One To Fuck With is an exquisite accomplishment, it has the right amount of brutality, delivering subtle melodies and groovy guitar work, the technicality is not an issue this time around either, as catchiness dominates the songs both from the instrumental and vocal department. John Gallagher is a complete beast, his vocal prowess lies absolutely in his remarkable ability to mix very low growls with mid low throat screams and sudden animal-like pig-squeals. Another thing to take in count is the incredible musicianship this band showcases even when they are a trio. To further explain, the guitar work is brought to life by John as well and he must be one of the most technical guitarists of modern death metal. He perfectly executes groovy hooks, amazing chugging technical guitar riffs and fast melodic chords. Dying Fetus' overall sound is benefited by the excellent production of on this new album, also take for granted that without John, Dying Fetus would not have stayed interesting, relevant and consistent throughout all this years. Even when many of the primary elements of the Dying Fetus formula have slowly faded, John keeps pushing his guitar boundaries and learning new techniques so he can keep his fans happy with fresh material, and that is something to be applauded. Wrong Once To Fuck With above all is consistent, it contains little material that can be considered filler and that ends up rewarding us with a high replay album.

Each song on this album is superbly delivered, take for instance one of the best tracks 'Panic Amongst The Herd', the track starts with a punishing guitar line that makes your head bang along to the heaviness. As soon as that line passes the song is ruled by a steady and unrelenting force of crushing riffs and chords, this will be the track where devastation and chaos will take place when played live. Another highlight track on the album would be 'Ideological Subjugation' because it contains the right amount of technical riffs and groovy hooks. Dying Fetus is a great band, but I feel that sometimes they should take breaks from the overly technical attack because they captivate much more attention with their most tasteful and groovy sections and melodic solos.

Sometimes when a band puts a lot of thought into their songwriting they come up with something excellent and remarkable. Wrong One To Fuck With is an album that not only accentuates in speed but also in groove, not only in technical guitar work but also their more melodic and catchy tones. This album is a must-have for any fan of the death metal or brutal death metal genre, as 2017 has been an incredible year for death metal so far and this is just another testimony to that fact. With a resurgence in old school death metal and thrash metal, we've seen some incredible and refreshing releases this year and this is one to add to that list. It blows all of the bands that try to do the brutal, gore sound that's normally laden with breakdowns. This is just some straight up awesome death metal that will punch you in the face and make you want to come back for more. This album cements Dying Fetus as one of the most dominant forces in death metal today,

8 out of 10 stars.

Wrong One To Fuck With is out June 23rd via Relapse Records. Pre-order here.

Check out the official video for the track 'Panic Amongst The Herd' below:

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