Life Is Good - Flogging Molly

Artist: Flogging Molly

Album: Life Is Good

Genre: Celtic/Punk/Rock

Review by Nicole Roberts

Celtic/Punk/Folk darlings Flogging Molly are back with their first full length album in 6 years, a follow up to 2011's Speed of Darkness. Life Is Good is classic Flogging Molly, but a bit more upbeat and optimistic compared to their previous releases. It still does carry their usual theme of social and political awareness, which is undoubtedly more prominent in everyday society than ever, but is a little less bitter and more hopeful throughout a fair chunk of it.

The album starts out strong with the vintage Celtic inspired 'There's Nothing Left Pt. 1' and continues in the same vein throughout, with a bit of variation. You get a great mix of high energy songs, ballads, and everything in between on this release. There are some solid high energy, fast paced tracks such as 'The Hand of John L. Sullivan' and 'Crushed (Hostile Nations)' (once you get past the first minute or so, it picks up energy wise). These are mixed in with some incredibly inspiring tracks that really have a lot of heart, such as the emotionally charged, poignant 'Reptiles (We Woke Up)' and the powerful 'The Guns of Jericho'. Bridging the gap between the tracks are great songs like 'Life Is Good', which tells us exactly why the tracks title is incorrect.

The album is certainly fun and consistently tight, but it's nothing groundbreaking or super new. They're the kind of tracks that if there's one on, you wouldn't skip past it, but you may not necessarily want to sit down and listen to the album as a whole, as it does become a little bit predictable after a while. To be perfectly fair to the album, it is solid, and if you are a Flogging Molly fan, you're certainly going to love it, it's just not perfect or going in a different enough direction to really stand out amongst their catalogue.

6 out of 10 stars.

Life Is Good is out now.

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